This new album of Roulet is my last obsession. First because i was not expecting THIS album.

Roulet has been presenting us with some club bangers where he mixes some Kuduro influenced rhythms with party bangers productions as you can see in this remix he did for Karetus some time ago.

(Karetus is another great Portuguese project that uses Dubstep and Electro to create a very powerful and personal vision of Club sound).

This is not what the new Roulet album is about. Beats D´ Amor is perfect for a lot of things but any of them is going to a club jump and sweat.

This is pure finesse. Songs that are what they are called. Beats. Portions of 2 min dreams. Other perspective in what is the Lisbon Sound. Elements of Soul, Kizomba, Hip Hop, downtempo chilled textures that will take you in a travel far far away.

This album is full of emotion, will grab you and will help  you spend good moments alone but don’t strange if you find yourself in a room dancing closely with your partner.

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