Generation Bass Presents : The Best Of Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent (Out Now) [Electro Chaabi]

The first official Electro Chaabi release outside of Egypt, we think so.

Generation Bass presents: The Best of Sadat and Alaa Fifty Cent

Just when you thought it was safe, Generation Bass drops another massive release on you.This is the first official release by Sadat and Alaa Fifty Cent, the founders and pioneers of mahraganat or Electro Chaabi as it is called in the west. This group was the very first to sing, record and upload wedding songs that later became known as “Mahraganat” or “Festival” songs. Kicking everything off with an ode to their city Al Salam, these three young dudes took their neighbourhood, their city, their country and then the internet by storm. This is the sound of a revolution, the sound of kids that don’t take it anymore and demand freedom, or at the very least, Five Pound Phone credit as one of their most famous songs will tell you!

Their sound is the crossover between rap and traditional, street music. The lyrics are inspired by the street culture with all its social problems and issues, and that’s a lot considering the state of Cairo right now. They gained a steady following by playing weddings, as most artists do in Egypt. It’s not a wedding like you’ve ever seen before though. It’s hours of relentless dancing and singing, starting slowly in the afternoon and going on all night. There’s no alcohol, its an all natural high, with people swinging fire bowls, climbing on roofs and walls, dancing like their life depends on it.

Although there are two names billed, Sadat and Alaa Fifty Cent, the third guy in the outfit might be the most important one. Producer Amr Haha effortless mixes traditional instruments and riffs with whatever he can lay his hands on. Auto-tuning the vocals into oblivion, his dense layers of sound are closer to the avant-garde then the street rap that has inspired him. More Wordsound than G Unit. This album is 14 cuts deep with equal footing between the all out brass dancing songs and the slower, easy going songs that focus more on the lyrics. These songs can be heard all over the troubled streets of Cairo right now, and we at Generation Bass are happy to now share them with the rest of the world as well!

Huge thanks to Joost of Incubate and also from The Cairo Liberation Front for making this release possible on Generation Bass.

This brilliant release is available now on Bandcamp for the minimum price of 5GBP or pay more, with all proceeds going directly to the artists.  It will also be available on all digital platforms within the next few weeks.