What i love most in the arrival of new genres is the diversification of interpretations that people make on them all around the world. It could be an original, edit, remix,V.I.P., mash up, not all necessarily good but some of them very interesting works on the subject. In the category of Mashup, digging for some new tunes i found JSTJR & Hataah – Bomboklat  Zouk Bass  rhythms mixed with  the collective RAP BRAINS  sending rhymes in Japanese and English, work done by the DJ DOUBLE CLAPPERZ. Pretty damn cool i must say. I went on searching more about them by first listen  the original, SHINY. Result was to put me dancing since the first seconds.



Rap Brains are a male and female  Hip Hop collective, open mic performers, freestyle defenders and party starters from Japan. Their first work, a mini EP featuring  Chinza Dopeness already put some lights and helped showing them more to the world. Poetry jumps on stage in form of songs, dancing , beer, rhymes  all mixed in some kind of controlled anarchy inviting  the public to have fun and participate with them on their sessions, BRAINSPOTTING . They transmit a very solid image of a group with true love for hip hop, poetry and friendship.


Now, that part where the blogger compares the blogged band with another one. A band with a similar power in performance and which have so much fun on stage like them are the Brazilians Cansei De Ser Sexy. But while CSS have a more Electro/Tropical sound, Rap Brains goes deep inside Hip Hop. Instrumentals with a touch of funk/jazz, other times attracting new electronic sonorities very close to that Global Bass sound. Almost blinking the eye to big labels, the mix between Japanese traditional sounds  and more oriented club rhythms works perfectly. The  Hip Hop collective of poets and beat makers with provocative attitude win the distinction of bands to keep an eye in the future.


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