Tonight, in a small venue on the waterside just outside the centre of Amsterdam, there will be the greatest party held in a long time: Fantástica: Un Cumbia Happening! It’s one of the things I’ve been looking forward to all summer long, especially since I’ve become a blogger. In fact, it has been the spot for cumbia in the Netherlands (and perhaps beyond) since 1996: a place where everyone in the scene gets together for an amazing night of cumbia vibes. It gives me a warm feeling even as I’m typing.

Less nice is: I can’t make it… duty is a bitch! But no time for self-pity, let’s cumbia baby !!

This short video just summarises everything: Fantástica is as fantastic as it can possibly get.

The most important act is undoubtedly the vibrant live performance of the cumbia band La Banda Fantastica which will play some all-time cumbia classics!

Further in the line-up: Café de Calaveras, whose I blogged earlier. He will definitely be dropping his new cumbiafication of this laidback roots tune from Carl Dawkings!

Another important name in the Dutch cumbia scene is one of tonight’s hosts, the Argentinean DJ Makina, who mixes tropical sounds with the chilled-out grooves of techhouse, like this tune:

Not part of the line-up tonight (but he has been before) is the creative producer El Buho. A good reason to blog some of his fine grooves here too!

To finish, a quick update about what’s happening in some other corners of the word of cumbia. First not one but two tracks from El Catorce (one is a collabo with the Dallas-based Erick Jaimez)! Blogged him before, this man is doing great stuff!

The Monterrey-based producer Hydro Selekter also fuses cumbia vibes with badass trap!

Last tune of today, some next level psychedelism craziness from

Yelram Selectah!

Oh, and by the way, the samples from Makina’s track and Yelram’s track both come from the legendary Peruvian cumbia band Los Mirlos (yes, we all need cumbia education)..

The night has arrived and the cumbia happening is about to begin, and it will last all night long! When I wake up tomorrow morning, cumbia grooves will still be heard along the canal in Amsterdam, and people will be dancing…

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