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Herr Muller was the very first release on GENERATION BASS’ new digi-label. The dude is based in Tilburg, Netherlands and likes to keep an anonymous profile.

Herr Müller “Uh!

”This fabulous piece of sci-fi dubstep is downloadable through all sorts of channels, but we now also present a free cut from the album to spread through your blog/site/thang.Graphic designer by day, Dutch born Herr Müller has been crafting tunes for a long time, and this monster of an EP was the right time for GB to snatch him up for their new label. Bass heavy, catchy as hell plus retro futuristic and bubbling with arcade sounds, this contains tracks both aimed at heart and feet. Remixes are also added by Greek dubstep producer Fleck, skweee originator Coco Bryce and nueva cumbia producer Sonido Del Principe.Generation Bass is by now a recognized force when it comes to bass driven global music from all directions, and this is the first of many new releases coming from us this year.This is a great, easy level access point for people who are looking for new sounds, without borders in style or geographically speaking…

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