We, here at Generation Bass haven’t been as excited about the progress of a dude since the Munchi days and currently, JSTJR is the dude who is making all sorts of exciting things happen with his music.

In no more than a few months he is cementing his reputation as one of the newcomers that you simply cannot ignore and it’s another great honour for us to be a part of his rise to the top.

On his latest track, which he has presented to us as a gift for all the support we have given to him, he delves deep into Zouk Bass.  It’s a track to rival the kind of sound and deliberate distortion of beats that you might hear from one of the New Wave of Afro-Portuguese producers who we love so much here.

This killa tune would feel right at home in the backstreets of Lison and Angola!!!

I did say this a while back and this tune is further evidence of what I said:

“JSTJR reckons he is from Nashua, New Hampshire, USA but actually the dude has been lying. He was born in Angola and is of African descent, not American, please don’t be fooled by his lies. He is straight killing it atm in the Zouk Bass scene…”

This track is pure fyah and shows JSTJR’s chamelon nature and ability to flip beats and sound like he is actually from the roots of a scene, not many have the ability to pull it off as wildly as he does.

This is exactly the sort of Zouk Bass we all need in our lives, watch this kid blow up:

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