I am located in the central european time zone so the clock says 23:45. That means that right now, folks are preparing for a night of clubbing – and I just imagine that I am. What music could be nicer to play while having some cheaper drinks at home than some slow, hot cumbiaton. Something that makes you want to party but not too hard yet. Always nice to have some energy left to go ape when the bangers drop in the club. So pour yourself a whiskey now you can still enjoy the taste and get into the mood on the badass vibes of cumbiaton.

In case you missed the VICE documentary about Mexico City’s cumbiaton scene that I blogged in my first post, it’s a must-watch. This scene is, next to dominican dembow one of the most interesting underground developments inside reggaeton. The music is a lot more minimalistic than the commercialised pop-reggaeton that comes from the big names nowadays. Vocals are, much like in moombahton, reduced to repetitive choped samples and ‘gritos’. It’s really all about the groove. Also, the dj’s/producers and not MCs or singers have become the most important artists here. They form rivalling collectives, such as Under Style, which featured in de documentary. The other most important name is the Flow Music Crew. Once in a while, the crews battle each other in the club, where the crowd decides the winner. The fans may sometimes take the rivalry a bit too seriously, but for the dj’s it’s a brotherly thing.

Scenes have their own ways of sharing the music. Especially when this is not soundcloud, it may be harder to find. For these guys its Youtube. Tiestoriki‘s channel for example uploads new tunes and mixtapes every week, like this badass tune. Check it out !

Most free downloads are via the DJs hulkshare accounts.

In Argentina and Chile the line between cumbiaton, reggaeton and ‘cumbia villera’ is sometimes thin. With a little heavier and more melodic sound than Mexican cumbiaton, a clear ‘cumbia syncope’ and reggaeton drums, all variations are possible. The Argentinean artist Nene Malo is a good example, here is a quick mix of his latest songs from another cumbia channel !

Although I like widening the scope of what’s usually posted at Generation Bass, the international nu-cumbia scene is of course never out of view. So let’s I finish with a nice cumbiaton tune of Andres Digital !

I’d say finish your drinks, grab your coats and hurry for the line yo !


  1. I understand, we’ll be back this week! Two weeks ago, the website was under construction all Saturday. Usually I do it once in two weeks and Hector does it the other weeks. This post was my second in a row, so I just assumed it would be Hector’s turn again. But it turns out that, at the moment, Hector cannot do it for health reasons. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that yet before last Saturday. This Saturday will again be sexxy and sabroso!

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