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If you are searching for some beats with tropical jazz fusion, i assure you come to the right spot. Rocky Marsiano aka D-Mars is one of the fulcral pieces in the roots of Hip Hop in Portugal (now living in Netherlands). As Rocky Marsiano, his instrumental side project, he bring us his fourth album, Music For All Seasons, where  he explores the world of instrumentals in his unique style and with some interesting approaches to the tropicália in Hip Hop. The album was released on ADAM and LIZA label.

The Amsterdam-based DJ/MC/Producer used a very personal process in the conception of  this album, he dug  his mother (raised in Brazil) records and create some kind of mystical halo around the work.  Don’t be scared if you suddenly feel in love with the Bossanova embracing Jazz, and other more traditional sounds like  Samba, Merengue, Axé or Maracatu mixed with Funk and Soul on a Hip Hop visionary travel.

Is not only music for all seasons, is music you can listen in any part of the day.

The album is very meticulous and have lots of small appointments which you only gonna give attention  when the album ends and you instinctively hit replay all button. Its not a coincidence that the name Milton is mentioned in the track title  “Milton Groove“. Is an amazing tribute to  Milton Nascimento using samples from the track Catavento. Milton is one of the favorite  artist for a lot of Jazz musicians that found a tremendous inspiration on the  new MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) back in the 70´s.

Lets end the post telling that this album have a superb quality and i would not strange  to see it compared with great names like Dj Vadim, Luke Vibert, The Herbaliser or Cold Cut.

” Far from the Sun, his intention was to create a Summer feeling in the studio while outside  it was still snowing in April. Using beats as a way to paint a warm and soulful soundscape and with precious input  from singers Yinske Silva and Bruce James, the album’s title does justice to it’s everlasting appeal.”



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