The nu look Generation Bass is now finally LIVE!

We still have some glitches and teething problems and new features to add, which we’ll try to iron out and introduce in the coming week and so please bear with us and be patient.

Huge thanks to FLYTRAP MEDIA for the site design and hours upon hours of work to get it right, we thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.  We would highly recommend them to you for site upgrades and a whole host of other stuff as their design, customer service, patience and dedication in seeing a project through is second to none.  Check out their site HERE.

Huge thanks also to Erik Luyten, our tech dude for keeping the previous site alive and kicking and continuing his awesome work on the news site.

Thanks also to Mauricio Zuniga for doing al the hard work on the database transfer and integration.

We hope you like the new look, feel free to give us some feedback and thanks to all of YOU for keeping us going.

Onwards and upwards!



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