artworks-000058195987-3jyks8-original Cool remix Ep here released on Akwaaba. Loved the original track and my pick of the bunch out of the remixes is the DJ X-Trio Afro House one and we dropped a free album by him yesterday on the blog here. Check them out by streaming here:

In Edoheart’s own words:

“Sosomoneycockplease is spelled as one word. The name comes from a poem I wrote about coming to America for the first time. “Dem tell me say na soso money dey.” means “They told me there was so much money.” Using the Internet, everybody can find out that there’s lots of poor people in America. Before, you only had the stories that people returning home told you and all the stories were always about unbelievable wealth.”

“Sosomoneycockplease has gotten more special to me as time has gone by. I feel I really put my finger on the pulse of a particular feeling, why it is that so many of us are desperate for money, and how it is that the dream of riches so often seems impossible. The rooster crowing feels like a perfect punctuation mark to what is generally a lie. You can’t just come to America and get rich.”

“If you speak Nigerian pidgin English, you’ll know that a lot of the lyrics are actually begging for money while pretending to be alright. Like, “Na you be di oga sha,” which is slang for coyly saying, “You’re the big boss, why don’t you pay for it?” or “You know pepper pepper don reach.” which means “I’m able to buy enough pepper for my food.” People ask about the word ‘cock’. I’m referring to roosters but I am well aware of the connotation so if the shoe fits… There’s definitely a metaphor being made between wealth and flight. Roosters cannot fly no matter how loudly they crow. I sing ‘please’ because sometimes you’re broke and you have to beg your way up. ”

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