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Milangeles, North Italian term for Latin American working migrants living in greater Milan and Milangeles, name of the musical project with the most tight and consistent sound of the actuality of Global Bass Music. Filippo Tortorici and Teddy Renton, from Pavia, the duo behind Milangeles had  already been showing good credentials with the Turismo Sexual EP and tracks like  Crookers – Get The Fuck Out Of My House (Milangeles rmx) ,Copia Doble Systema , Fisketorvet Riddim (Milangeles rmx),  Uproot Andy ft. MC Gringo & MC Nem – Fock Me Avontade (Milangeles rmx) which they have been showing in festivals around Europe this last years, driving people crazy.

With the EP Passionata they put together the arguments to release for Berlin´s label Man Recordings. Destination marked since Daniel Haaksman saw them live for the first time and which become passage for the release of some  remixes on Man Rec. since then.  From Juke to Trap , from Baile Funk to Afro Latin vibes.  Audacity that comes from the machinery in an audio-visual performance. All influences very well measured to provide the best experience to the public. PASSIONATA EP  consists in Samuel, Pan Man, and Senta Senta Senta  (Feat. the Brazilian Baile Funk  crew Bonde Das Preparadas) as authentic ass shakers.



The team is complete with Copia Doble Systema in this EP. The Copenhagen´s duo joins Milangeles in the theme Passionata to create an hypnotic travel through Dub sonorities with rythyms that goes from the Downtempo to Dancehall and a voice that guide us in repeated appeals accompanied by acid pan flutes .

DJ Quotes:

Diplo: “Big ups for Passionata!”
Crookers: “Will play Samuel”
So Shifty: “Fantastic! All killer, no filler, can´t really pick a fav here.”
Schlachthofbronx: “Wicked release, love it!”
Bert On Beats: “Will definitely play Samuel. Dope energy there!”
Uproot Andy “Senta Senta Senta is super fun!”
Poirier: “Nice melodic baile funk inspired tracks!”
Shir Khan “Sameul And Senta Senta Senta are good fun”
Boogaloo “Crazyy!”
TLP: “Nice!”
Flore: “Huuge!”
Nickodemus: “Fun!”
Max Le Daron: “Great EP, love it so much!”
Chernobyl DJ: “Perfect! Exactly what I need!”


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