2 awesome tracks here from newly formed Spanish Transnational Bass trio Dj Rufino Tropical El Timbe and Bravo. More along the listening lines as opposed to clubbing lines but great music and covers.

This is a “martinete”, sung by Jose Mendez, nephew of the great Paquera de Jerez, and mixed and produced by Los Timbres.

The Ringers are the Barcelona duo formed by Dj Rufino Tropical El Timbe and Bravo, noted producer of the new Rumba.

With an extensive background art behind them, the two producers join forces to innovate within the Global Bass scene, mixing sounds from Flamenco Rumba or the powerful bass and overall more tropical rhythms. The Bells have a new sound rooted in Barcelona but with a look to the New World, presenting a new Advanced Music fresh and innovative sound.

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