Manie Gang – Retro Beat, is the first Ep from crew/party Manie Dansante from Rio the Janeiro. Big beats and Mc’s with funk, jazz and soul, created this eletro-swing, new jazz and ghetto funk!

This crew are making a such good sound with heavy drops and beats, there is a special track with “Tom Tom’ using the trap style with a singer, simulanting the melody.

One of the most interesting, creative and good sound from this second semester is here, and it’s free to you! The producers responsable of this amazing EP is: Andrei Yurievitch, Bruno Queiroz (aka La Bombacion),  Rodrigo Esper and Vinicius Tesfon.

Download Link of Full Ep – MANIE GANG – RETRO BEAT

photo: I Hate Flash


Now, to you learn and remember how to dance as 20s and 30s here is a tutorial dance:

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