CVNT: (adj) a term used in gay slang to describe someone who is impressive, original or fantastic in regards to style or demeanour.

Awesome new Ballroom EP just dropped from this British dude, which is mega as it fuses Ballroom with Grime and Garage a la UK Stylee.

You need to have it.

Stream the EP here and also download a free track and watch out for more from this dude:


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF CVNT, a world where voguing dominates, and house in all its forms, past and present, ballroom to retro, is the musical language. After a sterling debut in 2012, which included DJ support from Hannah Holland (Batty Bass), JD Twitch (Optimo), Bok Bok (Night Slugs), Dan Beaumont (Dalston Superstore), Severino (Horse Meat Disco) and voguing/ballroom legend Vjuan Allure, CVNT (aka Niall Connolly) is back with a brand new four track EP on Body Work, ‘STATEMENT’.

“There comes a point in the life of all ballroom children where, if they want to become legendary, they must make their “statement”. To make the progression from being a star, or a face at vogue balls, to being someone who is recognised for their talent. To build a reputation, to stake a claim on becoming an icon, every child must make their statement, and this is mine. I don’t walk balls, I make music for other people to walk balls to. So my statement is not a look, it is not face, or body or femme or a dance or a dip or couture: my category is music. My statement is right here in these tracks. I’m not looking to simply ape the sounds of the New York legends – to be a true statement I have to stay true to who I am and where I come from. That’s why I seek to fuse elements of British grime and garage to the New York ballroom template. In the end they are all forms of the genre we call House, and House music is what unites all the children, no matter what their category. With my statement I hope I am showing respect for the original legends while pushing things forward.”

As well as being a talented producer and a popular DJ, Niall is also a highly respected writer and blogger, who has written articles on vogue/ballroom culture for Boing Boing, Red Bull Music Academy, Dalston Superstore and The Skinny, and is a regular contributor to the American alt-culture blog Dangerous Minds.

Grab another great free track unrelated to the release:

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