Great new album from Rhythmstar, 2 years in the making and which showcases his diverse abilities as a producer. There’s quite a variety of styles and tempos on the album- everything has the theme of a westcoast approach to deep Cinematic Transnational Bass music.

There’s Moombahton, DnB, Glitch Hop, Cumbia, Tribal Bellydance, Zouk Bass and so much more.  Basically, it contains most of what you need to conjure up a road movie soundtrack in your mind to your club journey around the world with a walloping and thumping bass underscore.

I’m loving this!

Rhythmstar’s debut full-length album “True Love” is a fifteen-track sonic feast that captures the essence of his ten year journey as a celebrated audio visionary and purveyor of medicinal music. A passionate story of cinematic soul from around the globe, “True Love” is a sultry blend of transnational antiquated polyrhythms and ancient instrumentation combined with ripping, growling, subsonic future bass, left field glitch and multi-tempo sonic sorcery.

Transforming the listener through tribal- future- tech percussion from all over the world, the journey begins in the jungles of French Angola and carries you to the wind swept deserts of the Persian Empire, through the rise and revolution of the 808 Dragon Queen, the fierce orchestrated storms of a taiko temple battle on the island of Japan, the spiritual weightlessness of a bellydancer in the modulated streets of India, and a ritual of rain in the mountains of China. Layered dulcimer melodies mix with the plucked strings of a violin, saturated chords of the koto, and tremolo strums of the flamenco guitar- driving the adventure. Skeleton keyed salsa rhythms of Cuba blend with raw digital cumbia from the Colombian Carribbean and the dusty slide guitar of the southwest to devise a fierce cadence on the dancefloor. The soaring saxophone of psychedelic San Francisco and the flutes of a South American tropical rain forest mix with detuned drum and bass synths to create a vast tribal fusion soundscape that is unparalleled in electronic music today.

Each track is a unique story of heartbreak and hope, darkness and compassion, meditation and movement, all seamlessly intertwined through the simple magic of True Love.

Two years in the making, “True Love” is a dream made manifest by endless hours, prayers, and infinite moments of heart opening connections. Rhythmstar hopes you enjoy this musical voyage as much as he has enjoyed creating it.

Aloha! Forever

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