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Sonido Berzerk


Ckrono & Slesh

“First making a name for themselves as accomplished djs rocking clubs in their native city of Florence, Ckrono & Slesh gained recognition internationally with the early wave of Moombahton, dropping some of the most unique edits and original tracks within what was then a burgeoning micro genre. What followed was an extensive catalogue of work marking the duo as the most promising up and coming producers in Italy. This debut collaboration is a bench mark in their careers as producers, showcasing their versatility behind the boards with club ready bangers and the ability to take it down a notch and deliver tracks not limited only to dance floors and sweaty clubs. Encompassing everything Meanbucket is about – this package cherry picks influences from Bmore, Trap, Juke and good ol’ “bass” music! All five tracks on the EP have a quality and longevity that is rare to find these days amongst the onslaught of bedroom producers with a cracked copy of FL studio jumping on bandwagons hoping to be the next hype.”



Okulus Anomali

Bass, Jazz, Global Electronic Musician / DJ / Writer…

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