Awesome mixtape here from Rhythmstar that contains a lot of tracks from his recently released new album True Love, which we covered HERE earlier this week.

Lots of Transnational Moombahton, Zouk Bass and Bass.

The mood of this mixtape reminds me of the Buddha Bar but like an up to date, more modern and better version of the Buddha Bar. I’m sure my mate Claude Challe would love this.  I really luv it!


Immanence- Rhythmstar
World Bridger- Rhythmstar vs Dejota ft Ali & Alex- Pensando en ti
The Hunted- Rhythmstar vs Arcangel- Me Prefieres A Mi
Wildlife!- Drop It ft Rapha
Zap Mama- Rafiki (Rhythmstar’s Zouk Bass Remix)
Seduzir- Rhythmstar
Rhythm Of The Starz- Rhythmstar vs Dead Can Dance- Emmeleia
Kahleesi’s Throne- Rhythmstar vs Danaerys Targarian
Weightlessness- Rhythmstar vs DJ Shadow ft Little Dragon- Scale it Back
Rainmaker- Rhythmstar
Otera Shoubu- Rhythmstar vs Shingo- Atama Tsukae
Cumbia Psychedelic- Rhythmstar
Entra Mi Alma- Rhythmstar
Outlaws and Empathy- Rhythmstar
Mezclaton- Sabo vs Baby I Love You- Jay Fay Remix (Rhythmstar Mashup)
Skeleton Keys- Rhythmstar vs Candela
XXO- Rhythmstar ft CAV3
On & On- Erykah Badu (Shimmer 2013 Rework- Disgraceland Remix)
Tourmaline Gardens- Rhythmstar (Forthcoming BassHop Records)
For Elizabeth- Rhythmstar
Polica- Amongster

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