Really chilled Transnational Dubstep flava’s here with an Indian feel evoking a lot of memories of early Bandish Projekt stuff.

This is an Austria vs India collaboration and it sounds pretty dope.

Stream the EP and grab a free and pretty Chilled/Ambient Dubstep mix below:

‘Kari Bairi Akhiyan’ [Black naughty eyes] is a sublime collaboration between TinyType and vocalist Bijayashree Samal who deliver two outstanding tracks on this release.

TinyType’s gentle fluid rhythms built a chilled simplicity out of Dubstep influenced beat variations combined by shimmering melodic Dub grooves, smoothly melodies, spacey bassline and Indian instrumentation. Bijayashree Samal delivers divine and heart-warming vocals with an extremely melodious voice which take the songs to higher grounds.
Altogether the melt down of both artists work creates a beautiful and mesmerizing piece of music.

The original version offers a mix of varied aesthetics with adorable vocals which raise a sort of beautiful melancholically moments followed by a natural flow.

Track List:
1) TinyType & Bijayashree Samal – Kari Bairy Akhiyan
2) TinyType & Bijayashree Samal – Kari Bairy Akhiyan (Remix)

Official Release Date:
31st October 2013
Digital on Juno Download, iTunes and Bandcamp. Check buy-link for pre-sale.

Artist Links:

DEVILS & ANGELS is a selection of subaquatic bass music with impressive depth combined by a mixture of Dub, Tribal, Zen and Melancholy which forms a base for hypnotic contrasts and leads to an irresistible sound experience.


1: Vaun – Optimism – Soundcloud Free Download
2: Shu – Ghost – Meditationbassmusic
3: Subdued – Untitled – Unreleased
4: TinyType & Yeho – Niteshadeskillz – Audiocalligraphy
5: Deco – Consciousness Dub – Deceast
6: L-Wiz – Smoggery – Dub Police Records
7: Subdued – Tribal Face – Audiocalligraphy
8: Sunchase & Nickbee feat. Codebreaker & Sense – Tongue Lash – Dubzilla Recordings
9: Deco – True Renegades – Deceast
10: Strago – 4117 – Niteshadeinc
11: Dubapes – Questions – Hedmuk
12: Strago – The Fort – Niteshadeinc
13: 3rdeye – The Last Time I Saw You – Area Recordings
14: Occult – Loose Change – Smoking Sessions
15: Occult feat. Mr. Jo – Mesopotamia – Smoking Sessions
16: 3rdeye – Voodoo Girl – Area Recordings
17: Darj feat. Ozz – Kyoketsu Shoge – Tribe12 Music LTD
18: Ill K – Warrior – Paradise Lost Recordings
19: CJBroad – Mountains – Sublimated Sounds
20: TinyType – Mumbai Theme VIP – Unreleased
21: TinyType & Bijayashree Samal – Kari Bairi Akhiyan – Forthcoming Audiocalligraphy
22: TinyType & Lym – Tenerte aqui (Original Mix) – Audiocalligraphy
23: TinyType & Lym – Tenerte aqui (Dinghi Rework) – Audiocalligraphy

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