Heartbreak was on here a few days ago with Top 10 tracks that most influenced him as a producer, check back HERE.

Today he dropped this dope compilation.

Here’s what NEST HQ say about it:

OWSLA signee, David Heartbreak, is out with an all-new, free compilation today featuring a hefty selection of Acid-inspired tunes. In addition to his own contribution to the compilation titled “Respect My Error,” More Acid hosts a large number of all original tracks from budding producers and close friends of the Charlotte-based artist. I’ll let him explain how it came together…

Every year I pick a genre and I holla at my homies and see if they want to push the boundaries even further. This year I chose the genre of acid again. In this compilation you are going to hear our interpretation of acid house. The song selections range from the Origins of the 303, all the way to acid twerk and even Acid Funk. I hope you like it, its some next level production on here.

Download the entire set here.

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