October, at least for me, is always a bit melancholic. In September, the weather is often just good enough to fool myself into believing that it’s still summer. In October, those days are over too. Fortunately, the globalisation of party culture helps a bit. Oktoberfest and Halloween provide the beginning and end of the month with.. well.. beer, mainly. And of course there’s always enough cumbia to spend rainy days inside and indulge in melancholy. This week’s selection of cumbia is a mix of both: laid-back (and melancholic for the tender-hearted..) grooves to relax to and more energetic stuff to get you out of your chair.. a gozarr.. ! 

Let’s start with a mixtape again. I’m usually more of a ‘single track’-person, someone who tends to follow producers rather than DJs. But I’m discovering the fun of mixtapes. After all, a track in a mix can be totally different from the track on itself. But let’s keep the philosophy of DJing for later and enjoy this nice tape from the Chilean latin-bass channel Regional Label, mixed by the Franco-Chilean DJ Hector Pizarro, a.k.k. Manduka: ‘Cumbia Sour’. The tracklist consists of subtle electronic edits and mashups of very traditional cumbia loops !

Of course, there is also great ‘fresh’ nu-cumbia. The label Electric Cowbell just released these two funky records from the DC-based producer G-Flux, teamed up with the Mexican vocalists of Afrodita and Los Master Plus. Nu-cumbia at its best!

Frequently blogged on Generation Bass are Stas and Chong X, who collaborated for this new mini-EP: ‘Distance’, released on Babylon Records.

Newer even is this subtle electronic edit of ‘Cumbia Lorana’ from the Argentinean DJ cheCapitán.

The electronic edit of ‘Baila mi Merecumbe’ is no longer subtle. The Brazilian DJ Arturo Herrera drops a groovy house-beat and some good ol’ wobbles over this classic cumbia song. Wepa !

Time for some urban cumbiaton. Not from Mexico this time but from Argentina. Instead of electronifying cumbia classics, DJ-Tao cumbiafies reggaeton acapellas. Here he turns Ñengo-Flow’s Yo Abajo y Tu Arriba into a sensual, minimalistic cumbia hit ready for dancefloors from Argentina to Mexico City and beyond.

Less minimalistic is this powerful moombia banger from Cepillo Cuevas, who again electronically soups up a traditional cumbia sample. Category “hands in the air and jump”‘.. essoo !

I finish with two EPs. The first one is the newest release of Fauna on El Flying Monkey Records and contains three nice tunes: cumbia-dancehall, moombahton & 3ball-bass! Enjoy !

The last one is a pearl of an EP, by transnational bass (“worldbeat”) hero Boogat: ‘Cumbia de las luchas’. It contains several edits and a Chong X remix of this great fusion of concscious Latin hiphop, cumbia and arabic sounds !


Melancholy is gone.. best remedy: a cumbia fiesta !

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