Being one of the biggest PRINCE freaks in the world, words really can’t describe how much I love this track and just how ecstatic I feel that this Green Velvet track might somehow lead an 80’s Prince renaissance.

After all we’ve working on something along those lines with this track:

However, the point of this post is this following track by Green Velvet, I can’t believe no-one told me about this and I had to stumble across it on DJ Ravin’s FB thread!! WTF!!

This track is like a missing piece from Prince’s awesome 1999 album, one of my favourite Prince albums.  In particular it’s the The Hot Since 82 Remix which harks back to side 2 of disc no.1 and side 1 of disc 2 of that classic recording.

This is the best track I’ve heard all year, bar none!

You can grab it for free in fill 320 glory HERE:

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