Really dope mix here covering the gamut of Transnational Bass from USA, South America, Jamaica, UK, Balkans and other places of the world and covering a range of diverse genres such as Cumbia, DnB, Moombahton, Tribal, Folkloric, Dancehall and Reggaeton.

Luv the title too “Rainforest Bass”!

Here’ what they say:

Barney iLLer and Teknacolor Ninja’s reinterpretation of their live tag team set, closing out Transformus 2013 at the Party Liberation Front stage.

Imagine…the most gorgeous lush (temperate!) rainforest mountain landscape, summer paradise…and then, on the final day of the festival, the skies open up and make the whole scene a mud pit. And yet…the people can’t give up…they must commune with the mud spirits and dance! to the music of other rainforests in distant lands.

Barney iLLer:

Teknacolor NInja:

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