Credits : Fernando Ospina
Credits : Fernando Ospina

Systema Sooooolaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

First apologies for any typo, it’s the expression of my extreme emotional state while writing these lines. I mean, guys ! This is about System Solar !

The band’s tracks have accompanied me during two full years in my mixtapes and Dj sets, flavouring the dancefloor with a scent of light and joyful madness. And this new release as the first track unleashes a familiar and so warm sensation of blazing energy will certainly keep me busy on decks for quite a moment.

Is it the continuity of the previous album ? Not, definitely not. Bear that in mind, you’ll know for sure that you’ll be listening to Systema Solar, but this album is fiercely grooving on a nice electro disco tempo (Nite Nine, Indio Guerrero…) that was a bit less outlined in Verbenautica despite of the ever to remember Crees que soy sexy.

Here the basslines are very prominent, i’d say from my point of view that there’s a better balance between the elements of hip-hop, samples, and electro-groove.

Artificial 7th track of the album is the magic number, beautiful batacha-like song featuring the non-less magic and talented Debbie Harry from Blondie.

In fact i’m admirative to listen to what could certainly be the recording of a live act, everything sounds genuine not overproduced, the voices find their way to adorn the music in a very natural way, there’s a lot to hear in each track but it is structured with intelligence.

But Systema Solar is also a strong commitment to preservation and saving not just of traditional music of Caribbean and Colombian folk culture, it’s also a fight against the bad management and pollution of the lands affecting directly the lives of inhabitants

I do not sorrily speak any Spanish but the visual message i get from the video would be that one :

you leave us the garbage and your despite but we’ll make you dead jealous of the beauty we can create from nothing ’cause we have the spirit, the energy and the talent, we are alive.

To celebrate the release of the new album La Rana, track N°10 of the album is released for free. To grab is visit the official website !

The album is announced for October the 29th. Bliss is not far ! Just a bit more to wait !

From the official band page :

Moving as fast as ants, and getting no scraps!
La Rana is the new single on Systema Solar’s soon to be released second album. Directed by the VJ of the collective, Pata de Perro (Vanessa Gocksch), the video was  inspired by the chaotic situation of waste disposal on the Colombian Caribbean. It features the members of Systema transformed into a crew of streetwalking “recicladores” = garbage pickers/ recyclers (a common informal job in the context of all of Colombia’s cities which have with no formal recycling structures or plan). In the garbage, these street creatures/people are seeking magical treasures deeply hidden…

Shot between two of the coasts most important cities, Barranquilla and Santa Marta; epicenters of Colombia’s psychedelic tropical culture, the video was conceived as part of a special project called Mi barrio sin basura: a local workshop given to the community of El Oasis in Santa Marta by Intermundos: Systema’s pioneering foundation for community empowerment and knowledge exchange. This neighborhood located on top and next to a dump, as well as inhabited by a high percentage of recyclers, is very much affected and dependent on the situation of waste disposal.

“Local ‘recicladores’ have embraced a mission that nobody else wants to assume”, manifests Pata de Perro. “An honorable and worthy mission. While we indulge in endless consumption and waste disposal, threatening the planet more and more every day, these people are the only ones that are addressing the problem of waste disposal seriously. For the video, we did a scene in the local dump site where we met some of them, they told us about their work, there lives, it was very inspiring. We need to change how society looks at these people. In the context of the current world situation, they should be admired as heroes.”

More than a song, La Rana is also an opportunity to activate a social media focused pro-recycling campaign. In the days following the release, fans of Systema Solar can share related content on the subject by using the hashtag #reciclandoconlarana.
One of the most eagerly awaited releases on the global scene in recent years, the second album of these heroes of the nu-Colombian sound is coming out fall 2013!

More info on the project Mi barrio sin basura:


From PR :

Systema Solar / Colombia 2013
Music: Systema Solar
Production and musical direction: Juan Carlos Pellegrino
Mixed by: Christian Castagno and Juan Carlos Pellegrino in Minca and Taganga (Colombia)
Copyright: Sambumbia Publishing 2013
Project supported by Intermundos:
[email protected]

Lyrics: J. Primera / A. Acosta / W. Hernandez / J. Pellegrino
Music: J.C. Pellegrino
Recorded live @ LA CAZA Estudio
Machines: D. Broderick
Scratches: Dj. Corpas

Lyrics: W. Hernandez / J. primera.
Music: A. Acosta / J.C. Pellegrino / A. Gutierrez

Lyrics: J. primera. / A. Acosta
Music: J.C. Pellegrino / D. Broderick

Voice: J. Primera / W. Hernandez
Arrangements: A. Acosta / J.C. Pellegrino / A. Gutierrez / D. Broderick
Author: Senen Suarez

Lyrics: J. primera A. Acosta W. Hernandez
Music: D. Broderick / J.C. Pellegrino
Scratches Dj. Corpas

Lyrics: J. primera. W. Hernandez
Music: J.C. Pellegrino D. Broderick A. Gutierrez

Featuring Debbie Harry from Blondie
Lyrics: J. primera.
Music: D. Broderick J.C. Pellegrino
Guiro: Kike Egurrola
Bongoe A. Gutierrez

Lyrics: J. primera. W. Hernandez
Music: A. Acosta J.C. Pellegrino

Lyrics: W. Hernandez / J. Primera
Music: W. Hernandez J.C. Pellegrino A. Acosta A. Gutierrez
Guitarra: Franklim Montaño
Grabado en vivo en Casa Biyuka
Machines: D. Broderick / A. Gutierrez / J.C. Pellegrino
Scratches Dj. Corpas

Lyrics: J. primera W. Hernandez
Music: J.C. Pellegrino W. Hernandez A. Acosta
Grabado en vivo en LA CAZA estudio
Machines: D. Broderick
Scratches Dj. Corpas
Percussion: Andres Gutierrez
Intro “Tres Punta” interpretado por Corraleros del Majagual
Copyright Fuentes EdiMusic

Lyrics: J. primera W. Hernandez
Music: J.C. Pellegrino A. Acosta
Percussion: A. Gutierrez

Lyrics: J. primera W. Hernandez
Music: J.C. Pellegrino A. Acosta
Grabado en vivo en LA CAZA estudio
Machines: D. Broderick
Scratches Dj. Corpas
Percussion: A. Gutierrez

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