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Insane Fennel is certainly a name to watch.  Since bursting onto the Zouk Bass scene, he has been one of our favourite artists in that scene.  He fuses African Tarraxo beats, Juke and DnB with native Russian melodies and instrumentations and it’s an intoxicating & enthralling combination.

His music is melodic, cinematic, exciting and moving. He paints a soundscape that is unique to him and that’s what we love about him.

Here we unleash a magical album from him that is available for free for only a limited amount of time. It will be available in MP3 and also in glorious WAV in due course on all the usual digital outlets.

For now grab it quick while it’s going for free:

[Artwork: Alexey Tompson]

Insane Fennel is one of the most powerful representatives of Russian underground Transnational Bass scene. The starting point of his musical activity is considered to be in 2005 participating in grindcore group “Katse”. His passion for electronic music led to experiments with techno, dnb, dubstep but his meeting with Zouk Bass in the Buraka Som Sistema Boiler Room rolled his neck in the direction of a new ZOUnd.






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