Document One have a new EP coming out, called Bam Bam Pop. It’s also the first release of Modestep’s new label, Max Records. This “debut” release is a big one. In Bam Bam Pop Document One take the heavy sound they’re known for and they kick it up another notch.

The songs in the EP don’t have much in common between them. They retain Document’s One sound but evolve from that. The title track Bam Bam EP is surely a track for the festivals, resembling a hard take on house, while Bridge is a heavy-melodic take on garage. Clap would probably fit in Document One’s releases before this EP, it’s a trademark song for the sound they’re known for. Things Change and Don’t Understand are the remaining tracks on the EP, and they’re fast and heavy.

The whole EP shows how diverse Document One are in their production. Goes out on the 5th of November on Max Records.

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