Been a long time since we blogged any Joney on here but he’s back with this most xcellent atmospheric mix!

As he says:

// 2Hrs of what’s fresh in beats & bass club science in 2013

// Tracklist:
// A decent speaker system is strongly recommended

Furthermore these 50 Tracks make you feel like ridin’ a Ferrari 599 GT through Las Vegas trippin’ on acid bubble gum by night. Boost your confindence and consider yourself awesome, BE the wreckingball – showing off your freshly gained contemporary bassmusic knowledge at school making everyone jealous.

Get drunk on hi-hat salad, smart yet romantic melodies, 808 bass drums, pitched vocal weirdness plus minor and major chords played on so called synths. Always remember: Synths are good. (Make sure to buy at least two synths or drum machines from the eighties to gain your deep house cred) One can also hear at least three unreleased/forthcoming joney tunes and a bunch of unreleased material anonymous, hardly balling friends gave me.

By the way: Do not hype tech house too outgoingly, wearing a v necked shirt with a triangle, ethno font or hashtag on it. Holla at your speakers now.


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