As a DJ my whole thing has been Arabic beats from the first time I started, it’s what inspired me to get into djaying. Most of my best gigs have always involved playing Arabic Beats and I use to throw some of the best Arabic Pop & Club parties known to the UK.

It kinda went stale in or about 2007 and I’ve been waiting for an Arabic Club renaissance ever since then.  I think it’s finally starting to come and maybe better than ever before.

With dudes like Acid Arab and now POV, the Arabic Beat Revolution is upon us.

POV is Joakim and Crackboy and they say they make Acid Arab Techno just like Acid Arab. Acid Arab did not make the first Acid Arab/Techno but they are at the helm of its renaissance and POV are right up there with them with these 2 awesome tracks.

To say I am excited would be a huge understatement:

Tip O’ Hat 2 my trusted aide Anna K!

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