Another killa tune from the rising young American super-producer of the moment and someone who we at Generation Bass have been bigging up all year.

This Zouk Bass tune incorporates the beautiful Kora, a 21-string bridge-harp that is pretty common in West African music. JSTJR uses it to devastating effect on this Club Banger and I could never have imagined it being used in this way with this kind of raw club sound. JSTJR continues to amaze me with his depth of experimenation and sheer willingness to be completely open-minded about stuff, which nowadays, more than ever due to EDMitis, is rare to find amongst young american club producers. So for me JSTJR’s star just keeps on rising and rising!

And if you were wondering what in the hell is a Monadnock, well I am reliably informed by the rising dude himself that it’s the tallest mountain in a region of new hamphisre, the monadnock region in New Hampshire. I think soon, JSJR will rise so high that he’ll even tower over Monadnock!

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