I haven’t shaved since last Sexxy Saturday Cumbia and the space above my upper lip is now covered with a tender, stubbly winter stache. Not that anybody cares or even notices because I am still spending my days at my parents’ place as an isolated scholar in injury time. Three years ago that was different. A couple of guys in the lab where I was an intern, managed to persuade me to take part in a Movember contest at the institute, at a time when both Movember and the hipster were virtually unheard of in the Netherlands, even at university campuses… So I, 23 years old, grew a mustache so full and thick that, halfway the month, it became socially inappropriate to look at girls my own age. But screw that, it was fun, took some lame selfies with a sombrero and a panflute as a walking Juan Valdez Café logo. Didn’t make a chance against the real devotees who trimmed their creation in all sorts of artistic shapes. Too bad…

But I’m kinda late so let’s move on to some cumbia. This week will be a little bit of everything again. No specific theme, just cumbia!

The Argentinian transnational bass producer Sonido landero delivers the first mixtape this week. A short one, with a nice selection of psychedelic grooves:

Next to this one, I came across another mini-mixtape too, from the 3ball DJ Tremendo Fresh, presenting the hottest new nu-sonidera grooves!

This mix features the new tunes from DJ Gecko, whose halloween 3ball track I blogged last week. I saw a discussion on facebook a couple of days ago who people considered the best cumbia producer in Texas or even in the entire US. Gecko’s name ranked high, so I thought, good reason to pay some special attention to his cumbia. He happens to have put together a playlist with his latest cumbia tunes. According to the artist, these are the tracks that are going to heat up cumbia nights in 2014. Generation Bass approves of this idea!

When listening to these grooves, I realised I’ve given too little attention to this typcally mexican type of cumbia. It has branched of in a more ‘urban’ direction, where djs blend rap vocals and more traditional samples are into a unique style. But much of it is still recorded and performed by bands, the way it originally started in the 70s and 80s. But has always kept the distinctively downtempo, mellowish vibe. One of the best ways to remain updated about the newest cumbia sonidera is the channel Mundo Sonidero.

Time for something else now. My friend Café de Calaveras sent me this delicious track to be blogged this week. As you see, El Buho is back with a wonderful, ‘deep’ edit of a Colombian classic. ‘El Cafetero’, the perfect listen for a sunday afternoon with a cup of quality coffee.

The heroic nu-cumbia duo Frikstailers also uploaded great new tracks over the last days. I got a bit confused because it concerns an album, En Son de Paz, that was apparently released in February this year already. That means it has probably been blogged already at Generation Bass or somewhere else. I didn’t know the album yet. Shame on me. In case you didn’t either, here are two excellent examples of how the degree of awesomeness you get if you fuse cumbia, moombahton and techno… or, more correctly, if you let Frikstailers do it!

Fresher than fresh however, are these two new releases from the German-Peruvian cumbia collective  Cumbia Dub Club. I blogged two tracks and thought, why not their mixtape from last week as well. The first tune is more dembow-ish, the second one and the mixtape are more on the psychedelic side of the spectrum. Make sure you add them to your sets and playlists, they’re free DL ;-)!

Talking about dembow, the label El Flying Monkey Records released this excellent, jazzy cumbiaton track with even a hint of merengue. Thist type of cumbia is my best friend during winter!

That also goes for this new tune from Hydroselekter, mixing latin raggamuffin with cumbia villera. Always a success formula on tropicalistic dancefloors.. Wepa !

Arturo Herrera has been uploading new edits at least weekly last time. I try to keep you updated as much as possible. I love this funky breakbeat edit of ‘La Gaita de las Flores’!

Kindof the same thing goes for Erick Jaimez. His two new releases were, again, badass great. And, as we’ve seen over the last posts, exploring the fusion of cumbia with both uptempo house and slow trap vibes. Can’t think of a better way to finish a post!

When carefully cultivating your stache this month, don’t forget to grab your ghettoblaster on saturday night and dance like a cafetero..!

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