Massive Generation Bass connection here with 2 of the artists in this MTV series called “The Dewarists”.

This episode features Prashant from the brilliant Engine Earz who also appeared on our ground-breaking and timeless Transnational Dubstep compilation.  He faithfully dons the infamous Generation Bass Transnational Dubstep t-shirt throughout most of the filming, Thank u Prash!

Also featured is the Hostess, Bollywood Actor/Musician/Artist, Monica Dogra of the band Shaa’ir.  You might recall Monica being featured on our Bandish Projekt  MTV nominated “Lover” track that was released on our label a few years back.

Canadian Visual Artist Eric Pare is the other person to be featured.

Watch this captivating episode as they all work together to create the DnB track “Suspended” that you can also grab for free below:

The season premier of The Dewarists season 3, takes us to the snowy, beautiful Manali with the singer and hostess Monica Dogra, Prashant Mistry of Engine Earz Experiment and visual artist, Eric Pare. The collaboration of sound and sight results in an exquisite multi-sensory experience, combining stunning photographic technique with lilting music.

Catch the all new season of The Dewarists, Sundays at 8 PM on MTV, and on our website immediately after.

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