After my trip to New Orleans I find myself back at home in Kansas City, MO. The MO stands for Missouri which is also known as the “Show me State”. Why show me? I have no idea, but my guess is that motto has probably gotten a few people in trouble.

There is a small gallery in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City that provides a venue for street art called The Kultured Chameleon . Only a year and a half after opening, the KC gallery is a hotspot and the place to catch some of the best artists in underground art culture. You can read more about the gallery in this article about their grand opening that came out June 2012 in Kansas City Ink magazine. At Kultured Chameleon is where EEKS & EYEZ join to collaborate and bring “Show Me State of Mind”.

Let’s Start with EEKS!

EEKS, a born and bred Kansas City artist, has been enlivening the city walls with his work, inside and out. Raised in an artist family, he has been creating art his entire life and is skilled in a variety of mediums including: traditional & digital illustration, painting & sculpting. EEKS’ latest, is a KC inspired baseball logo tee & can be seen on young Kansas Citians throughout the city. EEKS aims to inspire the fun-loving side in his audience thru his refreshing ink drawings and paintings. Inspired by His work: loose, cartoon-driven and always fun-loving never fails to bring a smile to it’s viewers face, and quite simply, that’s EEKS’ goal.

These are fun characters and affordable, some of these are $45!


This is a huge piece! It’s part of a locomotive!

Peat Wollaeger, aka EYEZ, is known internationally for his raw colorful stencil portraits, murals and his EYEZ on the Street. Wollaeger’s work literally wakes up the urban landscapes inside and out via his unique placement of his famed EYEZ stencil. EYEZ on fire hydrants, EYEZ as street wallpaper in his mural work, and EYEZ to bring inanimate objects to life. Most recently the artist has brought to life a series of painted Locomotives. In addition, he recently installed work in Venice Beach, CA, Queens, NY and Kansas City. His works inspires youthfulness and creativity, creating a cartoon-like world in which the viewer can become a character in an EYEZ playland. As Wollaeger states, “EYEZ are the window to the soul,” and his work certainly provides souls to objects and cities nationwide.

Eyesz works are on heavy duty electrical box doors, and CTA signs.

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photos by Phil “sike” Shafer

This exhibit is showing through the month of November. Any inquiries about this art can be done directly with Lee at Kultured Chameleon Gallery. [email protected]
or by phone 816-974-8278

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