Amazing new EP just dropped by that dude DRVG CVLTVRE who has released works on Generation Bass amongst many other labels.

As soon as I stuck this on, I was SOLD!  This is the kind of Techno that I personally love, dark, heavy, industrial and experimental!  It has sonic journey like cinematic qualities too.

I really don’t listen to that much Techno but when I do, it has to be just like this, perfect!

Stream the release to check it out and then buy it:

Here’s what the label says:

Dutch left field house and experimental techno producer Drvg Cvltvre has teamed up with prolific and critically acclaimed noise and experimental music producer Daniel Menche for a four track EP.

It is called Raw Reworks and it’s based on the album ‘Raw Recordings’ by Menche, which was only released via his bandcamp page. After some email conversations the two decided on Drvg Cvltvre reworking some of the source material with his signature slow and dark sound.

The basis of the tracks are the awesome field recordings by Menche, which are rich in detail and atmosphere. The four tracks centre around four different locations as recorded by Menche: a Ferry, a Ski-lift, an Ant Hill and an empty room with leaking roof, all near his hometown of Portland, Oregon

Drvg Cvltvre has turned these slabs of untreated sound into four pounding and punishing industrial techno tracks with an experimental edge. The source material was not only used to layer the sound, but also as a source for new instruments by taking percussive elements of the field recordings and tweaking them into oblivion. A reworking of the source material in every sense of the word..

This EP is now for sale via New York Haunted, which is Drvg Cvltvre’s own digital outlet and will be available on a limited run of cassette tapes as well next week.

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