misteur valaire

The amazing Canadian jazz electro band officially released their new album Bellevue on September 23rd but announced via their mailing list, and that is certainly one of the best surprises of this year that this release would now be available on a pay what you can basis. Always committed, faithful to their philosophy of favorizing live performances to drag their audience, they pushed that thought to make this album, like the others ones available “en paiement volontaire” (in the text). You pay what you can to get it, you name the price and it is yours. And if you ever need to catch up with what they did earlier, the same option applies. So you have little excuse not to get into their music. Developping their electro pop trend that was put forward in Golden Bombay their previous album, this new release is warm, electrifying, cheerful and still displays great qualities of composing ; the quintet works perfectly, the golden brass sounds will still surprise you, the samples are still vibing, and you’ll surely take your time to listen to Bellevue.

Here are the two tracks already available to streaming :

Bellevue Avenue&Don’t Get Là

I definitely prefer the first one, the second is not bad at all but maybe too much reminding me of traumatizing memories of overbuzzing C2C, which is too bad because i find MV far better as a band… The video however is really what you would expect from these excentric guys !

You can find here access to the band page with the downloads to the albums : Misteur Valaire official page. Enjoy, i mean it, really !

Vinyls and Cds can be bought HERE !

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