How about this then. This is a very surprising sound to be coming from a producer based in Pakistan!!!

Wow, really gobsmacked and feeling encouraged for more great things to come from that region in the future.

It’s free too!!!

Via Dummy:

TMPST is an alias of Islamabad-based ambient musician Asfandyar Khan whose debut EP, ‘Serpentine’, indicates his penchant for UK-influenced bass production. It opens with the cowbell-laden, soul-infused Three For (stream it above or download it here), where freckled melodies and meandering cut-up vocals tread gracefully with rattling percussion to create movement, while adding to the track’s choral beauty. The atmosphere in Three For is indebted to arresting handclaps and a thrumming synth line, both of which fold into one another to create a structure to lose yourself in.

This year will also see another TMPST EP – ‘Descend’ – being released, this time through the Forever South collective.


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