Few people would deny that moombahton has split off into a number of subgenres. Some of those have found a well recognisable sound, an effective formula that has moved on to the stage of refinement. Other bass genres like zouk bass have followed that example and are now also available with a ‘deep’ or a ‘core’ flavour.

But the great thing about music is that there are always new, unknown territories to explore. Gabriel Rowano is doing just that. Without compromising quality.

I had the honour to have this wonderful EP, released just a couple of hours ago, in my mailbox over the weekend already. The title ‘Unleashed’ says it all. The entire EP is a battle between the emotions. The contrast between the dreamy and the tender on the one hand and the wild and powerful on the other hand is a main theme in these six carefully crafted productions. The sound runs from dreamy trance synths and to the rawer kinds of leads, but always combined with warm-blooded, downtempo beats and diverse percussion.

Four tracks are moombahton, the other two its slower offshoot ‘lento’. And the whole EP is free, unleash it!

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