The starting-label Braza, want to provide to Brazil and World, free and brazilian music.

With some compilations, EP’s, single, mixes and party, they want to show other producers and styles from Brazil, as tecnobrega – Pará, eletrofunk – Paraná, producers from Recife, Maranhã, Amazonas and all other city of this huge country called Brazil.

The first Ep is from paulista Kaio Ac. This Ep is a mix of cultures, mixing trap music (ghetto US music) with funk carioca (ghetto RJ music). There is a special production with Dj Comrade – Xão Productions.

The good news is: the first EP is free with a 320 download in facebook fan page of group.

The excelent remix of Prostituto, of funk na caixa crew, received a huge trap remix. All other material is production of Kaio, wich is producers of Twist MC – paulista rapper.


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