You might remember me telling the world about this dude a few months back HERE when I was tipped off by one of my South African dudes.

He’s from Durban, South Africa and he’s another reason why Transnational Bass Artists from far-away, previously thought of “exotic” (lol) locations, like South Africa, Angola, South East Asia etc etc are the future of Generation Bass Music.

Grab these for free and surrender to the fact that the future of Bass music will come from places some of you won’t ever have heard of before:

22 year old Muzi hailing from Empangeni in South Africa has been making mutant trap, hyper bass and African soca for a hot minute now, dropping tunes that burst with energy and have great delivery. Debut EP ‘Bundu FX’ features four tunes that strut at high tempo, splicing the mind-bending wallop of dubstep, the flipped out swagger of trap, dancehall and riffs of glitch hop. This is a solid indicator of where the kids down south are taking things. These tracks are party music, big room and uncompromising yet full of rhythmic verve and booty bounce. Quality, highly recommended music!

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