Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Vincent Koreman explored the boundary between techno and noise under his Ra-X alias, turning out blisteringly distorted warehouse jams with titles like “Blaze Up That Angel Dust” and “Everyone Must Die” — the kind of grotty, squat-rave anthem that could strike fear into the heart of the Techno Viking himself. (I should note that “Everyone Must Die” is one of my favorite cuts in the history of techno, and has been for the past 17 years; you can find it on his 1996 EP Stekker and 1998’s The Undistorted Truth, both of which are available for free, along with the majority of the Ra-X catalog, from his Soundcloud page.)

It seems like Koreman eventually worked out at least some of his demons. These days, recording as Drvg Cvltvre, the Dutch producer has eased back on the throttle, trading breakneck tempos for exaggeratedly sluggish beats; the distortion is still omnipresent, but it’s gone from being abrasive to sounding almost foamy. “Disobedience,” with its pipe-organ tones and cathedral-sized reverb, sounds like a cross between Seefeel, Sunn O))), and the Modern Love label; “The Mangled Claw” is a springy, snare-led jam that provides the missing link between Matias Aguayo, Marcel Dettmann, and moombahton. The whole thing is doomy, narcotic, and totally absorbing. The album is out now from the Finnish CDR label Erikoisdance and also via Clone.

(Confusingly, Drvg Cvltvre also recorded another album named Everything Oblivion last year, for the Snug Life label, along with a Viewlexx EP called Everything Oblivion and an EP for Gooiland called Oblivion. This is the fourth record with that same title. This one is totally dedicated to heavy duty acid though. check it out below!

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