It started with a link that Filipe from the GB team posted. A video about Slick Shoota‘s latest release. It brought out two immediate effects : first i rushed onto a digital plateform to buy the release in good quality format to enjoy the full power of the song. Second i just assaulted Felipe’s chatbox to have as much info as possible about Slick. As the clever man he is he just told me these few valuable words : « contact him, he’s a super nice fellow. He’ll answer you quick »

What you say i do ! And yes indeed, Slick Shoota answered me very quickly !

So i hope you’ll enjoy this little interview with one of the most interesting producers of the moment.

F Dat by Slick Shoota feat. Purple JEFF062 on Mad Decent


GB : Can you tell us about your debut as a producer ?

Slick Shoota : My official debut EP as Slick Shoota was the «8 Bit Beauty EP» on Chrissy Murderbot‘s Loose Squares label in march 2012. Before that I was just releasing stuff for free on my soundcloud and a free release through my french fam B.YRSLF. That’s how people started taking notice of my stuff and since then it’s been going steadily forward.

GB : Norway is extremely prolific in terms of new music genres, where do you locate yourself ?

Slick Shoota : Right now I locate myself in a sofa answering these questions. Feels good.

On the real tho, I’ve always felt like bit of an oddball here at home, since there’s not many others doing the same thing.

It’s something I’m quite proud of, all the projects and releases I’ve produced that’s been getting noticed internationally. The support and love people have showed me abroad is humbling.

The bass music scene is growing rapidly in Norway right now tho and there’s talented club concepts and new producers doing really interesting things.

My own club concept Ball Em Up has had some amazing nights in Oslo this year, our next one with Jam City on November 30th is shaping up to be a big one as well. So I’m looking forward to continue pushing things further in 2014.

GB : Can you tell us how you proceed to create a track ? Is there a magic ritual you have to follow ?

Slick Shoota : Wearing nothing but my lucky boxers. Browse for hours, find cool sample. Bottle of Patrone, one shot for every snare, clap or chopped vocal sample. Try finish track within half hour.


GB : I’ve heard that butchering a goat during a full moon night worked great, but myself being vegetarian i’ve never tried. Did you get the chance to do something similar ?

Slick Shoota :Once, I got a insect in my eye and it died slow and painfully. That counts.

GB : Your last track is a beautiful patchwork of numerous influences ? Can tell you us more about them ?

Slick Shoota : The chicago juke & footwork sound has had a huge influence on me obviously. I grew up listening to jungle and drum n bass, and I’ve always liked garage,uk funky and other UK styles of music. So all of that inspiration can be found in a lot of my tracks i think. It’s a melting pot of everything I’ve been listening to throughout the years, and F Dat is a nice testament of that I think!

It’s also my first track with original vocals. Really proud to have Purple singing on the track, it’s crazy to think about that this is her first released track. She smashed it.

GB : What do you personally find catchy about Juke/Footwork ?

Slick Shoota : The thing that appealed to me the most was the raw sound. When I first heard it I was hooold up what is going oooon in these tracks. They don’t follow the usual production rules with off grid snares, crazy percussion patterns and insanely loud bass. Discovering juke and footwork really made me to get creative with music at a time I was feeling uninspired.

GB : The video displays strong references to #seapunk. Do you see yourself part of the movement ?

I really like the aesthetics of seapunk, and the whole movement is inspirational. Me and Purple got in touch with director Ossian Melin since we loved his previous work, and his stuff is very early web / sea punk inspired so when we started working on the video that reference just got stronger and it made a lot of sense to go in that direction.

GB : Are there going to be other remixes of F Dat ?

Slick Shoota : We were absolutely blown away by the Djemba Djemba & Hoodboi remix, and it was the perfect remix to complement the release. At this point there’s no plans for more remixes.

GB : The collab with Purple was excellent, can we expect more things from you two ?

Slick Shoota : We have more stuff in the works, in different tempos and styles so I’m excited to finish them and get them out there. No exact plans for label or any release dates yet tho

In a vinyl store what record would you shoplift, which is totally not recommended because it’s bad, but if you were a super evil personal what would it be ?

Everything by THIS guy

GB : What are you working on now ?

Slick Shoota : I’m working on my first vinyl EP, which will be released on Druid Cloaks Apothecary Compositions label. It’s gonna be a beautiful looking release and I got remixes from two of my favourite producers so I am super excited about that, can’t wait to get it out there. Release date to be announced so keep an eye out for that!

Marius aka Slick Shoota


A few words by me :

F Dat is def a must have, in terms of quality of production and originality. It’s just pure energy flavoured with sweet r’n’b vocals. The synergy is perfect, the track works as a club banger and as great piece of work that you can have on repeat on your music pod. I’m of course always enthousiastic about the tracks i post here, but if i had to make a top ten of year 2013 most remarkable sounds this one would certainly reach high in my chart.


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