In honour of its 25 years birthday, the comeback of bubbling buzzed around on the web last week. The performance of DJ Moortje, bubbling’s patron saint, at the international urban beats and bass festival Rotterdam Buma Beats a couple of days ago was a good opportunity to hear the history of the genre at first hand. The “speedy-bubbling” sound that became big in the Netherlands during the 90s and early 2000s were dancehall riddims, sped up by tinkering around with the equipment, which made the crowd go crazy.

A funny fact is that the chilled, downtempo sound of Mexican cumbia started out in almost exactly the same way: DJs tinkering around with their equipment, changing the speed and creating a new genre. We’ve heard that more often and it made me think how much music history is actually the result of this kind of ‘happy accidents’, combined of course with artists and crowds with the right passion and intuition to recognise their worth. Serendipity happens.

But I’m terribly late releasing this so let’s continue to some fresh cumbia now.

This week’s mixtape, from Dany F is not purely cumbia, but makes some excursions to salsa and dembow next to a great number of subtle edits of traditional tracks.

Also check out the teaser for his new series of remixes!

Let’s go on quickly to the most important release of this week: El Dusty‘s new album, actually the first edition of a new series he has launched: Locos Only! This album features an excellent combination of cumbia, 3ball and latin trap and hiphop tracks. A number of well known names have made their contribution, such as Toy Selectah, Alan Rosales, Erick Jaimez and more. I selected the three cumbia tracks for you to enjoy here already.

Another album has appeared on the Chilean bass channel Regional Label: the Colombian Free Mix LP from the Argentinean DJ Rayo. The LP contains subtle, psychedelic dub edits of traditional Andean cumbia tunes with a hint of dembow here and there!

A dub edit in the same style, with a faint dembow, comes from the Argentinean DJ Tropikhongo.

…and also from Sonido Mamalón. This one does not have dembow but does have a great melancholic, dreamy sound instead!

But time for some other vibes too. I always looove deep/techno influenced cumbia and that side of the spectrum is exactly where this delicious track comes from. I must say that this tune was definitely my personal favourite of this week: a downtempo, trippy groove with excellent sounds, released just two days ago by the Argentinean producer Tu Guaina. From about the middle of the track it even throws in some sick breakbeats!

Caballo combines an even wider variety of different sounds and tempos in his remix of Systema Solar’s new album release ‘Machete’. The result is a banger, Caballo style !

Let’s finish again with a number of nice, clubby tunes.

First this short demo from 3ball producer DJ Rezno, which drops a 3ball style synth lead over a downtempo cumbia beat! Make sure to check out his otherl tracks as well, he’s got a nice list of bangers, some of them still up for download!

Dudley brings an even better club-warmup with this badass cumbification of Kanye West’s Mercy!

The last track is the happiest of all. Astros de Mendoza and Don Alex. This remix of Chromeo’s Tenderoni fuse the nu-disco-pop sound of the original song with an uptempo cumbia beat and a hint of Mexican ‘banda’.

And be prepared: serendipity happens, in clubs too.. maybe ESPECIALLY in clubs…

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