Our favorite london producer and remixer of baile funk, are back with great news.

Bumps release with us the funk Globo compilation, for Mr.Bongo. In this album there is 2 big tunes from bumps, let’s remember it:

The first, Bumporzão is the damn creative and original sound. Bumps take to himself the idea to construct a self beat and name it with her own name. Man, you have to accept this is a big mission and he made is with tottaly sucess. In the secound track, he create a remix to Maga Bo, mixing the sounds of neo funk with drum’n’bass.

Talking about remix, he just drop this interesting remix using beatbox of funk and bass line of funk ,creating a bounce remix to Beastie Boys.

Well, now, talking with Bumps, we have some news. He is finish a album and will release it from his label Club Popozuda Records. It start with a party on Uk and now will be a label.

You want to know more about it, and me too, so we made 3 questions to him:

You are one of main producers in UK, how is the neo funk scene there?

Well the scene is tiny. House and garage are so dominant here that it’s hard to get heard. But our album was well received and things are happening, slowly. Early next year I am starting the new Club Popozuda night “Bottom Heavy” in South London where there’s a lot of Brazilians. Also, I think the world cup will help.

You told us, you are finishing your album. Tell us what is comming in this album.

My album’s been a long time coming and all the artists I’ve been working with have been very patient. I’ve got brand new joints with MC Zulu, Feral is Kinky, Gato Preto, MC G, El Malito and Loki Da Trixta. It’s not just gonna be Neo Baile, but styles from the whole Global Bass Scene and in several languages.

Who is the best mc today of Funk?

There are so many MCs out there. I like G, Pam, Mazihno, Alysson, Marcelly, Gus, Jota, Ialy and loads more. But if you ask me who is the best of all time then I have to say Catra is the boss. Who can take him on? Actually, I’m looking to collaborate with another Brazilian MC for one last track on my album. So if there’s any reading this…

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