Cumbia is a great friend in many occasions, but never so much as when you’re stressed out and need a break. Most people know me as an very energetic person and when it comes to music, I have a predilection for the kind of heavy stuff that makes you jump all over the dancefloor.

With cumbia it’s different, because I can listen to it both when I want to dance and when I want to ‘keep calm’. That is unique because most genres are very mood-dependent for me to listen to (I am kind of on an ‘industrial/EBM’ trip these days..). This week has been a lot of running around for studies related stuff and in fact, I more or less just got home from an important academic conference, where I tried to fill in every free moment with a couple of lines for this post. But the WiFi connection screwed it..

In the train back I realised that cumbia can actually have a soothing, kindof mantric effect on me. This week’s deep-minimal grooves were even more perfect to just get me back to just breathing in and out. To be honest, I don’t practice any real meditation so I cannot speak from actual experience, it’s probably an overstatement.

The best thing: having calmed me down, it also cheered me up afterwards. I hope I’ll be able to share this experience with you guys. Vamos !

Like I said in my very first post on Generation Bass, I’ve always been a big fan of the melancholic, purifying sound of Andes music. That’s why I was very happy to see this great mixtape uploaded by the German channel Cumbia Dub Club two days ago. Chica GloCal presents us again with varied selection of cumbia, from vintage sounds to cumbiamuffin but clearly opens and closes with the kind of Andes-cumbia that always hits a melancholic nerve for me.

The track I continue with comes from the Argentinean producer Los Reyes de la Milanga, who also did a remix for El Remolon’s Flashback remixes project that we supported earlier this week. Deep, meditative cumbiaton with a subtle amount of bass!

Dj Exta Machine also presented some deep cumbia grooves this week: a remix of Henry Henry‘s track ‘76.3’ from the experimental EP ‘Decimas del 76’. I no longer remember whether I blogged it here… If you don’t have it yet, grab it ! it’s great and still up for download..).

But for the real meditative stuff you should hear this tune from Sonido Mamalón, whom I also blogged last week. His new track, Othonqui Painalli, released on Mexico-City based netlabel Especimen Tropical at the beginning of this week, is probably the closest thing to minimal-cumbia-techno I’ve heard so far. The faint, dreamy trace of melodic sound (sample or synth, that’s the question..) gives just the extra flavour that makes this track awesome. I hope we’ll see more of this, I love it !!

Moving slowly out of the more mindful side of things, this subtle cumbification of the already downtempo electronic pop song Nightcall which El Catorce released this week is a perfect buildup to a more party-minded vibe..

First another pop-cumbification of 2013’s summer hit: Ylvis’ ‘The Fox’, by the cumbia & 3ball producers Dj Spider and Dj Gabriel!

Another perfect club-preparation is this new cumbiaton banger from another Mexican producer who makes his first appearance in one of my posts: The Ghost!

His previous track was released a month ago but it’s too much of a banger not to share with you guys!

But how else could I finish than with Cumbia Drive‘s excellent cumbification of 2013’s happiness & euphoria bomb.. Wake Me Up.. weeepaa !!

Next week more cUMBia! ..’UMB’ is gonna be the mantra of the future anyway..

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