Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Drug Culture's Lovely Long Mix)


My last post of 2013 and I thought I’d finish 2013 by dropping this classic reworked by Drvg Cvltvre in a Deep House stylee just before I’m about to head out for NYE celebrations.

Brought to you by my buddy, co-owner of GB blog and label and a man who ceased to be single on 17.12.13 and this he dedicates to his love Mrs Veerle Koreman. All the best for your future, you 2 lovebirds <3

Thank you to all of you, our readers, followers and fellow bloggers for sticking by us through the years, wishing you all the best for 2014.

We promise to bring you always the best that we can!



Pupilos Do Kuduro are back. For those who want to know more about PDK, check the coverage that Generation Bass made of their latest releases here and here. This time they bring  the track Pirulito (Lollipop) which follows the idea of releasing a track with correspondent video. Pirulito featuring Blaya of Buraka Som Sistema is an amazing Kuduro track but it makes you travel to other places, specially Brazil due to the Cuíca sounds. The beat is thick, dark, hypnotic and dense. Hopefully Pupilos Do Kuduro are choosing this kind of beats which fills me with pure joy (now remember that crazy beat they did with Unsoundbwoy). Blaya voice, sometimes chopped and with Brazilian accent, gives to the track the  naughtiness it deserves. The video features also PDK new element, Inês Sofia. The production was made by Mo’Kubico Studios under the guidance of Andro Del Pozo with the colaboration of Dj Bison. The video was done again by Afro Digital, which already is part of the musical family of PDK.

Talking about Dj Bison, he  is by far one of the producers that fast gained my attention this year. He get me hypnotized with his track ” O Demónio do Tarraxo”  which Generation Bass covered here, and lately in his collaboration with Mo’Kubico Studios for  Pupilos Do Kuduro which shows the consecration of a great producer. He also released some works since then, mainly bootlegs like Chrisette Michele – Charades ft. 2 Chainz 

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

or Trey Songz -You Belong To Me

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The collaboration with Squareffekt in the track Ghetto Tarraxo for Zouk Bass VOL 3

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

and his most recent futuristic Tarraxo

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]




Zouk Bass Volume 3 front

Here’s a great mix of the whole of Volume 3 expertly put together by the boys from KJs.  I think they’ve done a phenomenal job of it too!

Zouk Bass Vol. 3 – Mixed by KJs by Kjs on Mixcloud


Here’s a recap on the compilation:

It’s been less than a year since that infamous Boiler Room session last February 2013 when Mc Kalaf of Buraka Som Sistema uttered those now almost legendary words “Zouk Bass”.

It’s now one of the strongest and fastest-growing scenes of the ever expanding global bass Diaspora. Tarraxinha is also remaining intact within the sound as Zouk Bass moves forward with Western producers treading with respect and also very carefully with their interpretations. Some are also digging deep into the history of the roots versed in this Angolan creation.

Generation Bass, Zouk Bass TV & Latino Resiste once again join their forces to gather some of the most impressive ZB producers and the freshest tracks for the end of 2013, showcasing what is likely to be in store for 2014.

The compilation covers a wide spectrum of the Kizomba/Tarraxo influenced genre with pioneers like DZC Crew and Riot of Buraka Som Sistema. We have also discovered new found and exciting talents like Bison and Mala Noche who we feel are likely to play a key role in future developments.

We have the best of the new lot who have migrated to Zouk Bass from genres like Moombahton, Trap, Twerk or Dubstep. There’s the UK trio KJs who are fast becoming masters in a deep, sensual sound. The Middle East’s vastly underrated but always impressive SaBBo who released the first official Zouk Bass EP and Russia’s most exciting new producer Insane Fennel whose cinematic sound paints some of the finest film noire moments for the scene.

The compilation also showcases the point where Zouk Bass has started to create a hybrid sound with Twerk & Trap with the likes of rising star – JSTJR, another of America’s finest Zouk Bass trailblazers – Banginclude, Munchi’s prodigy – Morrison, another of Russia’s finest – Chuck Upbeat remixing DR’s young buck – Happy Colors, Argentina’s -Reptilian Commander and the newly formed MikeLuma (aka Banginclude) x TomPhonic representing.

There’s also a bunch of new names joining the ranks like Gingee, Rhythmstar, Chong X, Sauvage FM, Oktored, Squareffekt and Jameston Thieves who have all surprised us with their take on the scene.

This new volume, the 3rd in the series is a testament to how exciting and unique this new movement is and also shows how it is likely to continue to grow and evolve as time goes on.

Here’s some of the tracks on the compilation:

Download it for FREE courtesy of each one of the producers & Crew who kindly submitted their songs; as well as the great work of artists & bloggers who belong to the Zouk Bass TV, Generation Bass & LR catalogue.


1. DZC Deejays – Suspense
2. Chong X – Phalawatas
3. Bison & Squareffekt – Ghetto Tarraxo
4. SaBBo – Slow Hello
5. OktoRed – Brains and Crystals
6. Gingee – Jangala
7. Happy Colors & Chuck Upbeat – Maldita Puta
8. Sauvage FM – Gnawaxinha
9. JSTJR – Monadnock
10. Missy Elliot – Get Your Zouk On (Riot Bootleg)
11. Banginclude – Apeshit
12. Reptilian Commander – Kiritimati
13. Jameston Thieves – Dagga
14. Morrison – Kaliber
15.MikeLuma X TomPhonic – Landlord
16. Mala Noche – Maconha
17. William Araujo – Ta Male (Dj Express Remix)
18. KJs – Tempest
19. Rhythmstar – Dark Artz
20. Insane Fennel – Carol of the Bells

Mastering by the awesome JSTJR

Art was inspired and grabbed from MGITE


Here’s what the compilers and some of the artists who feature on the compilation have to say about Zouk Bass:

DJ UMB – Generation Bass:

For me, without Zouk Bass, 2013 would have been dead in the water.

I’ve always loved Angolan club music and Zouk Bass or new clubbed up Tarraxinha/Tarraxo (whatever you want to call it) really kept me grooving amongst all the awful and comedic, cheesy, cliché ridden and stale sounding Endless Duplication of Music. Hats off to Buraka Som Sistema for helping to catapult new light on an almost forgotten scene.

Generation Bass was truly focused on it throughout 2013 and we intend to continue to do that throughout 2014 too because it’s such a damn exciting and amazing sound. We believe the best is yet to come!

Filipe Ribeiro – Zouk Bass TV

For Zouk Bass Tv it all started as a necessity to create different references to search for music and also put lights on new producers. The genre is the continuation of a work that was being made some years ago by the vision of the Angolan producer Dj Znobia and later in Portugal by DJs Do Guetto and Príncipe Discos releases. Names like Nguzunguzu, Dubbel Dutch, Massacooramaan, Chief Boima were pointing explicitly in this directions too and some Afro-Portuguese producers were also exploring new fusions with Kizomba and Tarraxa so it was a question of time till this sounds explode on a bigger scale and gladly Buraka Som Sistema legitimately did it with the class that characterizes the group.

Caballo – Latino Resiste

To me, zoukbass was at first one of the best re-brandings (if the word can be applied) to the craziest form of tarraxo. The good thing is just months later thanks to the impressive work of people from all over the planet, whether USA, Argentina, Peru, Russia, Portugal, UK, Netherlands and obviously Angola & pretty much all Africa Zouk Bass defined itself with a very specific pattern, and even though it is Kizomba inspired, it does not need to be Kizomba related anymore, which allows it to flirt with any genre without losing its sexiness.


Zouk Bass is an artform that pulls musical creation back to its traditional roots, flow and culture, breaking the stereotypes of popular dance music apart and reforming it into a revamped movement for today. It borrows the tarraxinha beat and swing but can groove in any direction, often unpredictably, lending itself to unique interpretations with each fresh production.


Zouk Bass is sensual and spiritual, its rhythms invite hips to move and bounce. The slow tempo gives producers a chance to layer more intricate patterns of sound.

Insane Fennel:

Zouk Bass brought me back to life and made to create more interesting and more various. Not sure that I’m doing Zouk Bass in its classical sense. But I try to surprise!

Sauvage FM :

Zouk Bass sounds like the revenge of Music against quantized-bass drops of every kind. Kicks & snares are almost dead, and the producers on this compilation bury it whilst drinking a smooth cocktail. Cheers!

Jameston Thieves :

What really intrigues me about Zouk bass, is all the innovation I’ve seen so far in such a young genre, it proves durability. Maybe it’s just the group of producers making it, but I haven’t heard a movement as creatively original as this zoukbass one in quite a while. So the future holds amazing things..

Chuck Upbeat:

Zouk Bass cured my alcoholism … Ah, sorry, alcoholism is died. 5 minutes ago. Where’s my rum? Found it … Happy.


I was talking to someone about zoukbass and i said that one o my favorite things about it is that errrrone who makes it makes it different…like each producers style can basically be looked at as a subgenre of zouk bass…where as most other genres these days everyone sounds very similar


Zouk Bass is the most exciting and challenge music to produce,it got is own secrets to make it ,its like you have to dig it so much to have in your possession the biggest diamond found in the music industry, But like anything with so much potential cant be hide for so long, the secret was revealed and an amazing adventure had start from producers all around the globe to give you that diamond in any kind of musical form.


DZC Deejays


Chong X


Bison & Squareffekt








Happy Colors & Chuck Upbeat




Jameston Thieves






Sauvage FM


Banginclude X TomPhonic


Reptilian Commander


Mala Noche






Insane Fennel


DJ Express

Zouk Bass 3 back_n



I came in for a bit of criticism for my last top 10 here on GB, as some of the acts I included were not ballroom (the list was a mixture of ballroom and house/other stuff I dug at that point). So, this time round, I’ve decided to keep the chart to strictly ballroom acts, and to look back at my favourite tracks in the genre from the last 12 months.

10. BAAUER – Harlem Shake (QWEEN BEAT Remix)

There was no escaping the Harlem Shake this year, but at least some good came of the craze, like this remix by MikeQ and Jay R Neutron for Qween Beat. Qween Beat is a collective of producers, djs, performers, MCs, designers and a lot more besides, featuring some of the hottest names in ballroom, and who are always worth checking out with some of the freshest mixes. You can find Qween Beat on Twitter, FB and Soundcloud.

9. JAY R NEUTRON The Godzilla Ha

Jay R Neutron has some awesome remixes and smash-ups on his Soundcloud page, many of which could have gone in this chart, but this cheeky Godzilla-soundtrack-sampling beat is the one for me. You might recognise the sample from hip-hop classic “Simon Says” by Pharaoh Monch. Let’s hope Godzilla doesn’t hear this, as a vogue dip from her would be bad news for Tokyo.


The second instalment of Byrell’s mix tape series serves up a tonne of hot dance floor remixes and edits, showcasing his this up-and-coming producer’s unique style, and also shows the influence of hip-hop, pop and R&B (not to mention Jersey Club) on the ever-developing ballroom sound.

7. LULU EBONY ft GREGG EVISU #BangiCunt (DJ Delish Remix)

Two seriously talented ballroom MCs go head to head on a majorly hot beat remixed by Philidelphia’s DJ Delish. Not much more to say here, just let Evisu & Ebony do the talking (though, as the title would suggest of course, this track is NOT safe for work).

6. SUGUR SHANE Outta Sight Cunt Juice

More commonly known for his MCing, this year Sugur Shane took the plunge into production too, turning out a hard-as-nails remix of DJ Fade’s “Outta Sight”, featuring vocal samples from Buddah and Shane himself. If anyone tells you that ballroom is too soft, too minimal or too repetitive, just slap this on and watch them shut the hell up.

5. BEEK Like This (Like That)

Beek is a name to keep an eye on, his work this year has been consistently impressive, and he has managed to push the ballroom envelope while still serving up tracks to thrown down to. The skittery vocal samples of “Like This” also manage to showcase his brilliant MC style, marrying it to an impressive minimal/complex rhythm.

4. MIA Y.A.L.A. (MikeQ Remix)

Nobody touches MIkeQ for stripped-back, dance floor destroying tracks, his remixes and originals use the barest of elements but achieve maximum impact. There’s a reason this guy is the premier ballroom DJ. This mix is a great example of his style, and again showcases ballroom’s ability to absorb practically any other genre. It’s great to see it crossing over into lots of different DJ sets.

3. BRITNEY SPEARS Work Bitch (Divoli S’vere Gaginator Remix)

Like the flip-side of MikeQ’s minimalist M.I.A. remix, fellow Qween Beat don Divoli S’vere transforms Britney’s wannabe pop-house anthem into a maximalist “WTF?!” epic. This is hands down my remix of the year, and I could see it working in both big and underground clubs, if the DJs have the balls to drop a Britney track that is!

2. KEVIN JZ PRODIGY Nasty Poetry (Schwarz Remix)

Kevin Prodigy is probably the best known ballroom MC, but this remix by Baltimore’s Schwarz slows things down just a touch, becoming *almost* a chilled out hybrid of deep house and Bmore beats that will work in many varied DJ sets. But Prodigy’s distinctive growl keeps it firmly in the ballroom ballpark, with Schwarz teasing out the best bits of his vocal performance.

1. VJUAN ALLURE Kid Conga (Rebounced) ft Daniel Haaksman

This is my top track of the year, an absolute dancefloor destroyer, whatever genre you prefer, from ballroom to house to bass to whateverthefuck. This was dropped back near the start of the year on Vjuan Allure’s debut Mad Decent/Jefrees release, the Vjuanage EP. The track is a cut up of Kid Conga by Daniel Haacksman featuring MC MIltihno, which you might already know, and it never fails to set dancefloors on fire. Also, if you ever get a chance to see a Vjuan Allure DJ set, DO NOT miss it, the dude SLAYS.

Honourable mentions:

I wanted to keep this top ten to one entry per producer, but some of these guys have been on fire this year, and their other work deserves mention too. So, here’s a quick round-up: Vjuan Allure “Natives R Restless”, Poisonous Relationship “Nite Birds (MikeQ Remix)”, Sugur Shane “My Night With Peter And Junior” mixtape, Beek “Beek” EP, DeShawn Timothy & Sugur Shane “Ima Read (Divoli’s 2013 Remix), Dawn Richards “Gleaux (Divoli S’vere Version)”, in fact, just follow all/any of the Soundcloud links posted above and you will find a wealth of awesome music, much of it available for free download. And if you’ve got any favourite ballroom tracks from the past 12 months I haven’t mentioned, leave a comment.

You can follow me at CVNT TRAXXX on Soundcloud, and check out my own ballroom-influenced grymehaus “Statement” EP on Body Work Records.

Drvg Cvltvre : 2 Bombs for 2014 [DoomTechno]


Wow, my dude Drvg Cvltvre has just dropped 2 tracks to show that he means business in 2014.  Both of these tracks have an awesome 80’s feel about them harking back to the melancholia of some of Moroder’s and Vangelis’ finest soundtrack works with a hint of Tangerine Dream for good measure but imbued with a cross-over synth- pop sensibility.

Really looking forward to what he has in store for 2014 and if these 2 tracks are a clue as to the direction he is likely to be taking then I’d say he’s likely to blow up in 2014.

Monster Mixtape : Neki Stranac – Megastar Minimix


Neki has just killed it with this mixtape. This ought to be played at NYE parties worldwide next week.

Neki Stranac – Megastar Minimix by Neki on Mixcloud

01. AC/DC – Thunderstruck (Jason Risk Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
02. N.E.R.D. ft. Nelly Furtado – Hot-N-Fun (Boyz Noize Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
03. Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (Bart B More Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
04. Reel 2 Real – I Like To Move It (Mastiksoul Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
05. Sean Paul – She Doesn`t Mind (Horsepower Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
06. Faithless – Insomnia (Dannic Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
07. Beck – Loser (Jorgensen & Jesse Voorn Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
08. Metallica – Enter The Sandman (Mick Hastenholt & Andrew Dee Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
09. Madonna ft. M.I.A & Nicki Minaj – Give Me All Your Luvin` (Oliver Twizt vs. Nicky Romero Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
10. Chemical Brothers – Do It Again (Jewelz & Scott Sparks Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
11. David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne – I Can Only Imagine (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)
12. Pitbull – All Night (Starkillers Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
13. Fatboy Slim – Gangster Trippin` (Lazy Rich Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
14. Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way (DJ Funkanomic Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)
15. Quincy Jones – Soul Bossa Nova (Aba & Simonsen vs. Chuckie & Mastiksoul Remix – Neki Stranac Refix)

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – The Not-So-Final Countdown…



It is already half a year ago that I became the new blogger for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. Time flies. I’m reaching the stage of age where that say is becoming kind of a grim reality. Even a couple of years back, the future seemed big, vague and distant. Now, with another year having just vanished before my very eyes, I’m slowly realising that this – “my friend” – is the future. It is true, when you are in a routine, time goes a great deal faster than when you’re embarking on new adventures.

For me – forgive me this little moment of complaining.. again – 2013 has been a thesis year. The year where the challenge to graduate and achieve something significant in life became serious business. That mission is still not completed but soon I will reach the finish. It has also been the year where music became serious business, and it is still overwhelming me. A little more than two years ago I became hooked on “bringing different worlds of music together”.. commenting on my favourite Soundcloud tracks, trying (and so far failing) to produce my own stuff. Via 108 Moombahton and Tropitronics, I was drawn into the scene in a way I could have never dreamt of. But the most incredible blessing has been the opportunity to blog here at Generation Bass.

The end of such half a year is also a way to look back at Sexxy Saturday Cumbia and look forward to the future. I have spent some time leafing back though the archives of my predecessor, El Guëro Unico, which made me even more the aware of shoulders on which I stand. EL Guëro is an experienced blogger and musician. Reading his posts made me realise how much more there is to know about cumbia than I do now. El Guëro is a dedicated craftsman, whereas I am a passionate but a bit impetuous jack-of-all-trades (moving from moombahton and 3ball into industrial, i mean..). El Guëro is a passionate, sometimes a bit opinionated activist, trying not only to spread love with music but also to teach social responsibility, whereas I am a quiet academic, sharing next to music information about culture and history, trying to spread not only love, but also curiosity.

As soon as I’ll have time, I will try to build further on what is now. Like El Guëro did in the past, I will try to establish closer connections with musicians, bloggers and artists who can contribute. I will be ‘out there’. You’ll get to know me. And, beware.. you might even get to see me in person on an event.. (in whatever role). I’m counting down to 2014 with a smile..!

Now let’s move on quickly to cumbia!

Because it’s the final SSC of the year, we’ve got not 1, but 2 mixtapes to celebrate the end of this musically great year. But first of all, I want to share something extra. When going through the SSC posts of the last year I was so impressed by the amount of great cumbia that has been produced in just one year that I share some of ‘the best’ tracks we’ve seen in 2013. Of course there is no real ranking involved. There are so many different styles.. there is no fair way to go about really selecting te ‘best’.. it’s just a quick reminded of the great musical treasures of last year’s digital cumbia that has been shared here on Generation Bass, by El Guëro and by me! I wanted to make a mixtape of it but with a lack of time and equipment her at my parants’ place, I didn’t manage to do it, so I made a playlist instead. Enjoy!

The first mixtape is one I got in my inbox a couple of days ago. The German cumbiambero Dj Zhao brings a fine selection of the best new and old nu-cumbia tracks. His delicate taste for older and high-quality cumbia is noticeable in his choice of tracks: a foray into digital cumbia of a vintage-expert.. enjoy!

The second one, from the London-based Latin/oldskool hiphop dj Huskiii, is more on the hiphop-side of cumbia. He told me that he’s been inspired by the SSC posts for a while now.. so let it be a compliment, not just for El Guëro and myself, but for the blog as a whole.. inspiring people to play good music is what we exist for!

Now I move on the the newest releases. It contains a couple of older ones because, for all the thesis-stress, I’ve missed a few ‘must-blog’s which I share with you now. Most importantly this remixes EP that appeared two weeks ago on Regional Label. Even though I frequently blog stuff from this channel, I must have missed it completely. It’s a nice collection of tracks, with contributions from frequently blogged artists such as Rafael Aragon and Trillbilin.

The other great release that I have missed is the remixes EP of Baglady’s ‘Ice Age’, on Caballito Netlabel, also from two weeks ago. All tracks on the EP are baltimore, with exception of one cumbia version, from Bigote:

Dany F has got a new tune as well. A not that well categorisable ‘Dany F style’ edit of Disclosure’s ‘Help me Lose my Mind’. It’s doubtful whether this still counts as ‘cumbia’ but never mind, it’s almost NYE, I love the tune, and Dany F is always welcome on SSC, whatever he does..!

Very much cumbia is this new tune from Yelram Selectah: a minimalistic, swagged-up cumbia edit of A$AP Ferg feat. A$AP Rocky’s ‘Shabba’

Sonora Rumbatron also did a very basic but oh-so-badass cumbia edit of Orihuela M.S.S.‘ ‘Amalucan’. An EP of remixes of the original appeared a couple of weeks ago on the artist’s bandcamp, get it here!

Also check out Sonora’s Christmas release:

Next to the tracks on his own soundcloud, Sonora also released a track on the Mexican label Especimen Tropical, in collaboration with Mexican Stepper:

It is always funny to see the overlap and the differences in taste and choice between yourself and other bloggers. One of the cool things things was to see that Hydroselekter was also a frequently featured artist in El Guëro’s posts.  This is the newest release of this productive producer who keeps going strong.. an cumbiamuffin edit of Steppa Warriors’ ‘Militant Style’!

The San Luis Potosí (Mex.) based dj Add on de Bass released this special  edition of Fanfarri Cumbia: cumbiaton meets dub meets balkan.. and even meets breakbeats..!

Regular guest DJ RAYO Mix is also back with his unmistakable laidback dub grooves!

Searching for tracks to build a mega-post worthy for a NYE-edition, I also came across some new artists again I considered worth sharing with you.

The first one is the Buenos-Aires based dj La Epidemia de la Cumbia, who did this nice cumbia-dub edit, in the style of the other subtle cumbia-dub edits we’ve seen and enjoyed so often here at SSC:

The Peruvian urban-tropical MC Black Jocker teamed up with Dj Petardo for this funky cumbiaton-underground-rap tune Arma Mortal!

Finally there were two new urban cumbia(ton) tracks, one from Argentina, from the channel Conquest Records, who released two tracks from the artist Te Hago Nana.. due to the mega-ness of this post I blogged just one, a villera banger with the most dance-energy for NYE: ‘te voy a romper el culo’.. to be interpreted in any way you wish..

The other one is from the Monterrey based Dj Mike Casas, who cumbiafied Owin & Jack’s Es la que Va.

And as we’re gettint into the cumbiaton vibe anyway and this is a mega-post, there a quick snippet-mix of the Vol.2 the best Mexican cumbiaton tunes, compiled by Tiestoriki.


And last but not least in this series.. Dj Tao, who is back this week again with his specialty: the acapella cumbificaiton. Grab the tune here for free!

Then we’ve arrived at the end of this mega-post, with hopefully enough great cumbia for a good NYE party and its weekend ‘rehearsals’.. three euphoric encore bangers this time:

Don Alex did this crazy, kinda minimalistic-ish cumbia interpretation of DJ Fresh & Diplo ft. Dominique Young Unique’s ‘Earthquake’..!!

Now turn the tempo up with Alan Rosales & El Dusty‘s cumbia-3ball fusion ‘Mi Cumbia’!

And .. althoug it´s old, I just had to post it because of the title..

There were different versions of it.. This one I liked best!

Have a booming New Year´s Eve.. and, watching the clock.. I realise what my new year´s resolution will be, definitely.. In 2014, I´ll post ON TIME !!


gaia beat

There is an Angolan producer that is rapidly escalating on recognition. And i must say, well deserved. I was following the Luanda based artist Gaia Beat and Alvalade Records since early this year and witnessed all the good shots this young producer (19) did. Some of the big cats in the business didn’t get indifferent to the productions and already ask to collaborate with him. Names like Yuri da Cunha, Punidor, Prodígio, Power Boyz, Monsta or Zona 5 are just some of the big names that already ask Gaia Beat for productions. Even working on a more Trapish style for a mixtape hosted by Trap-A-Holics with Prodígio  he don´t forget the African influences which gives him an unique sound on the tracks he signed on this mixtape. This is for me one of the the revelations of the year. Keep this name GAIA BEAT.

From “O Presente” by Prodígio


with the Angolan collective Zona 5 &  feat. Nelson Freitas
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

with Power Boyz
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

his takes on Afro-House are so damn good.
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

here on a more Kuduro-House blend.
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

one of my favorite tracks. Pure joy.
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

One day talking with Banginclude i asked if he can do a slow down rework of Gaia Beat´s Matumbo. This is the result. Hope you like.
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Picture by Pura Kreatividade



Moombahton : 10 Impact Tracks!


One of the earliest Moombahton ^ logo’s I remember and if my memory serves me right, here’s a list of 10 of the tracks that have probably had the most “IMPACT” in Moombahton since it burst onto the scene following that skipping party that Dave Nada was djaying at on November 13th 2009.

This is not a list of my favourite tracks or the 10 best Moombahton tracks either, it’s those that I believe had the most impact on the scene as it started to develop, in one way or another. In the end I had to think about not just measuring the tracks in terms of their success but in terms of influence, being the most sought after during a particular time, sending people nutz and tracks that broke the doors open in some way and this is what I came up with.

Of course it’s subjective to a degree as it’s wholly based on my memory of the scene but I’ve tried to stay objective too as otherwise the whole top 10 could easily have comprised of H&M tracks.

Lots of names hovered just outside the 10, great contributors like Jon Kwest, DJ Melo, Sabo, Sazon Booya, Pickster One, ETC! ETC! and many others.

Of course, there’ll be arguments over inclusions and omissions, call me a douche for missing stuff out or for mentioning some names more than once ahahahahh 😉  Maybe no-one will give a damn but I felt like doing this.

So here it is:

No. 10 Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o Não

Simply because this opened up the door-way to Moombahsoul.  It was the first one and usually Heartbreak is always credited as the Moombahsoul King but it was in fact both of them, H&M.

Yes, Heartbreak excelled in it after this and became the leader of Moombahsoul for a time but it took 2 of them to create the vibe!

Here’s what Munchi said about it at the time:

If you know your Portuguese you already guessed it. Heartbreak sended me this crazy Moombahton concept with the Fugees ‘Ready or Not’ joint. When i heared it I was so inspired. It led me to hear that great remix of The Course again. I totally forgot about that track. So i added me in it and the subtile synths of The Course’s rmx and it seemed ment to be like this. It’s a smooth party track, something you can vibe to in the club while sippin on something. I see this as a example of a good Heartbreak & Munchi collabo. This time in a other type of vibe, which we love making aswell. A more subtile approach.

No. 9 Alvin Risk & Tittsworth – Pendejas

This was one of those first BIG ROOM Moombahton tracks that had everything, groove, slick production and major cross-over appeal and everybody wanted to play it.

Moombahton was cursed with poor amateur sounding tracks at the time and this helped to change things a little by show-casing what was possible and how great Moombahton could sound.  It totally slayed the dancefloors too.

No. 8 Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)

One of the first slew of tracks after Nada had unveiled Moombahton to the world.  Also one of the first tracks to take on Indie/Pop music as an edit and create something totally magical from it that you could play in your sets in an attempt to convince people that Moombahton was a sound of the future.

No. 7 Long Jawns x Billy The Gent – Vibrate

This track very successfully helped to try to bridge the gap between Hip Hop and Moombahton and people raved about it for an age after it came out.

A lot of people are gonna be pretty pissed that it comes so low in the list because after Munchi’s tracks and JWLS’ “Bashin”, it was “the track ” that everybody talked about most of the time.  As the list goes on, hopefully you’ll appreciate why some others had to come ahead of it in the list.

No. 6 JWLS – Bashin’

JWLS previewed the track with that Joe Arroyo sample and man it drove everybody nutz for at least 1 year before it eventually came out.

Here’s the original preview:

Eventually, after a long wait the track was released, belatedly imho as the Moombahton hype was starting to fade as Trap came to take-over. If it had been released at the right time, it would have wreaked total mayhem!

No. 5 Heartbreak – King Kong

Munchi nailed & created “Moombahcore” first with “Firepower” but Heartbreak was not far behind with this monster. Alongside “Firepower” this track helped to bring Moombahton nearer to the mainstream as the Dubstep, Drumstep and DnB kids realized there was a new future sound taking pace.

King Kong is actually far more dance friendly than Firepower as it has a lot of funk in it that you didn’t really notice until after you had played it out and seen the girls grooving to it.

No. 4 Dave Nada – Moombahton

Not the best Nada track but we had to have this one in the list because this is how it all started.

As he told The Fader:

I probably shouldn’t tell this story, but here goes. Lo ciento Tia Sona! My little cousin Jean-Pierre is a huge Nadastrom fan and he’s about to graduate from high school. Him and his boy Mike are notorious for throwing these wild skipping parties. For those that don’t know, “skipping parties” are when you throw a house party mid school day and you tell all your friends that morning, and everyone who knows about the party skips school to go wild out. Word of mouth only too, no internet/paper trail. Anyhow, around their homecoming last fall they asked if I could DJ one of their skipping parties, and I, being the supportive/bad seed cousin that I am, agreed. They had a beat up system, but like 329439 speakers all over Mike’s basement so it sounded huge. They told me it would last about an hour because cops usually bust it up. The house/neighborhood was right by the woods so it was convenient to bounce and hide if need be. Anyhow, so here we are at Mike’s empty house around 11:30AM and everything is set up. Kids start pouring in around noon and the music starts. Mike and JP are dropping bachata and moving into reggaeton. This shit was getting crazy. Twenty minutes in and the place is PACKED, all Latin kids and everyone is fuuuucked up. Haha! I was gettin mad nervous (oldest dude there) and JP was like, “Yo you gotta go on soon primo!” and I’m thinking, fuck I cant play house/techno shit, I’ll get jumped. So I had the idea of slowing down some of the tropical/Dutch house stuff I had on CDs. Afrojack’s “Moombah Remix” being the biggest tune, I said fuck it and turned that shit down to 108 bpm. JP told all his people about me so bamas started cheering when I went on. And that’s when shit popped the fuck off. The minute that T-t-t-t-turn up the bass! part came in and dropped the place went insane! I played it all the way til the end and then did the same to Sidney Samson’s “Riverside” and EVERYONE is yelling the “Riverside motherfucker!” part and shit was just too much. I was losin’ it and told myself, I need to make some edits of this shit! And thus, Moombahton was born. Long story short, neighbors complained a good 15 minutes into my set and threatened to call the cops. Half the party started to bounce and then a few minutes later Mike yells, “Cops on the way!” and like clockwork this party was done. All in about an hour. I parked down the street and drove both my cousin JP and Mike back to school so they could catch the end of their classes as if nothing ever happened.

No. 3 Munchi – Firepower

I declared Munchi a “Genius” after hearing this track.

Nobody had made a track like this before, it was the first of its kind.  It is probably the most influential track in the whole history of Moombahton in terms of the numbers of people who got turned onto Moombahton because of it.

Here’s what I said about it back in 2011, which I repeated in 2012 in a piece about Munchi:

“Firepower” had acted as a major catalyst for the movement. When I heard the track I could see back then the vision Munchi had created for the future of this Moombahton movement. He had given it mouth 2 mouth resuscitation and had breathed new life into it.

All the Dubstep & Drumstep heads who were visiting our blog started to get into it and we started seeing a flow of Moombahcore edits. Without “Firepower”, I doubt we’d be as far advanced as we are with the movement today. It opened up the doors to a whole new world for a broad range of people.

I’ve said many times that Moombahcore and NOT Moombahton, has almost single-handedly helped to push this movement forward. It is still flava of the month and has a much wider audience and appeal, than Moombahton, at the present time.

However, saying that, I think the excitement for Moombahcore will start to fade thereby allowing Moombahton to grow from strength to strength as it is much more diverse. It has an ability to mutate to incorporate all sorts of things, which will allow it the longevity, which I’m not sure Moombahcore has.  We’ve already seen this with Dubstep, with a huge swathe of opinion now moving away from Brostep, because of Brostep overkill.

No. 2 Dillon Francis – Masta Blasta

Ahead of “Firepower” because this is the track that helped to take Moombahton as close to the mainstream as it has ever got.

Maybe the most definitive “cross-over” Moombahton track ever! And it is a GREAT track!

It turned all the Electro-House and House kids onto Moombahton and got played on the radio all over the world and so in essence it became the face of Moombahton and turned Dillon Francis into a worldwide Superstar DJ.

No. 1 Munchi – Sandungueo

What can you say about this track!

One of the first “original” Moombahton tracks that was born amongst the shed loads of edits and remixes, it is THE track that created a future for Moombahton.

Nada may have birthed Moombahton but Munchi raised it, like it was his own kid!

Cited by many as the DEFINITIVE Moombahton track!

Here’s what the Big haired one said about it over 4 years ago:

Damn.. Today I heared of this new thing MOOMBAHTON and i straight up made this track on the spot. I was so stoked hearing about this, because this could be Reggeton’s chance to revive. I have been sleepin’ on Reggeton because all of this Regge-Pop shit they making now, even tho i’m still bumpin the old Reggeton tracks daily on my Mp3. I am working on my style these days and its heading to a B-more/Fidget House/Baile Funk/Kuduro/Dominican Music/ kind of thing, but this my friends.. This is big. And I especially want to give a BIG thanks to Dave Nada for the Moombahton EP and giving me the inspiration, because I think this is going to be huge. SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT!



Zouk Bass is not even 1 year old yet following that infamous Buraka Som Sistema Boiler Room Session last February!

Here’s 10 tracks that have created an impact in that short time.

This is not a “Best Of” or even a list of my personal faves, if it were, then the list would be pretty different.

It is, as it says, a list of tracks that I personally believed created an “Impact” when they came out, maybe because they were one of the first or for another reason.

Some of these tracks might not even be considered as “true” Zouk Bass but were labelled as such.

Of course, there’ll be arguments over inclusions and omissions, carry on fighting and call me a douche for missing stuff out ahahahahh 😉

10. Hataah – Sekwe

One of the very first tracks to emerge after the Boiler Room Sessions was this one that had everybody going nutz for it.

9. Fellow – Dreamers

Following closely behind SaBBo in the race for the first “official” Zouk Bass release was Fellow.  Fellow released the second official Zouk Bass EP and it was actually slept on a little bit. It is defintely worth a revisit because it had some sterling stuff on it.

8. Banginclude – Bubbah Meck

As he says, it was a Zouk Bass “attempt” and although he got it right later on with tracks like “Swerve” and “Pyramid Riddim” amongst others, this was the first of his that slayed people. It could be heard on mixes everywhere.

7. Chase & Status – No Problem (DJ Superstereo Remix)

After Riot had unleashed his Marka edit, it seemed that within a few hours, DJ Superstereo had conjured up this, the second ever edit in the Zouk Bass scene and quite a monster track too!

6. Dub Phizix – Marka (Riot Remix)

Riot from Buraka Som Sistema was a massive part of the infamous Boiler Room set and here he opened the doors to Zouk Bass edits, this being the first ever “to be labelled as such”.  We all agreed that he could not have chosen a more appropriate track!

5. SaBBo – Bush Woman

A lot of folks were scrambling to be one of the first to release official Zouk Bass material. SaBBo pipped them all with his first EP “Voodoo Space Time” that was released on Generation Bass. Like many of us, SaBBo was blown away by the DZC Crew track “Tarraxo Na Parede”, the first track that kicked off the Buraka Dj set. It was that track that provided the inspiration for his whole EP.

4. JSTJR – Cerveja

This one was such a surprise and blew everybody away with its cross-over appeal and has helped to make JSTJR one of the rising stars of the American Dance scene in 2013 following hot on the heels of previous Generation Bass prodigies Heartbreak & Munchi.

What we said back then:

“The more South American flavored “Cerveja” almost sounds like a chopped & screwed Major Lazer track. Yet, it’s a buzzing, synth driven gem that would be too un-commercial for them to brand. Awesome shifting rhythms give this track an edge you have not heard before. And that’s a Generation Bass guarantee!”

3. Ancestral Club – Zoudreambia

A track that featured on the original Boiler Room Sessions. One of the key tracks that made most people fall in love with the genre. Ironically, the Ancestral Club duo made up of Dubbel Dutch and one time Generation Bass contributor Dave Quam aka Massacooramaan have distanced themselves from the scene and hate the term “Zouk Bass”. They have even refused to officially release this track in spite of the huge demand for it because they don’t want to be percieved as being privy to the scene or jumping on a bandwagon. I think that has to be respected! They’ll hate being included in this list lol 🙂

2. Buraka Som Sistema – Zouk Flute

No such list could be compelete without a track from the guys who invented the term “Zouk Bass” and who, via their Boiler Room set, helped to catapult renewed interest in Tarraxinha and Kizomba to the world.

This tried to define what “Zouk Bass” was actually suppose to sound like and of course was also featured in that infamous Boiler Room session.

1. DZC Crew – Tarraxo Na Parede

The track that kicked off the Boiler Room set and the “ONE” that blew most of us away. The first Zouk Bass anthem and now a classic.

Here’s what Deejay Kuimba said about the track in his first Generation Bass interview:

As you are now aware, since the Buraka Som Sistema’s Boiler Room session back in February 2013, your track, “Tarraxo Na Parede” is blowing up in the underground and inspiring a movement called “Zouk Bass”.

When did you become aware of this and how do you feel about so many underground producers now trying to copy your style?

DJ Kuimba:
I became aware of it when I saw that video of Buraka Som Sistema performing in Lisbon, I wasn’t expecting my track to be the first on the set and was really surprised to be honest.

I’ve heard a lot of tracks lately from djs and producers in this style. In my opinion, some are good and some need more work.

Zouk Bass for me it’s different than any other style but it is still based on “Tarraxinha” and “Kizomba” but totally different.

How did the idea for the track come about and who else was involved in the making of the track?

DJ Kuimba:
The idea came from a friend of mine “DJ Yudifox”; he is involved in it too. We had worked together on a few tracks before but then we decided to do something different from anything which is how “Tarraxo Na Parede” came about. The idea is a dance style of music but leaning against the wall while dancing to it as u can imagine listening to that beat lol