Been really feeling beats from this artist from Portland, Oregon and so really pleased to be able to drop this EP from her on our label.

She covers a variety of different genres and most tracks I can’t really label, which is always a good thing. It’s just deep and atmospheric in parts with hints of ambient but always staying faithful to the dancefloor. She calls them “Beats Me” or “Cuddle Bass” and I lke that!

Here’s what she says about herself:


Grew up in NYC. Moved all around the US. Now living in Portland, OR. I make music. I hope to make music that inspires you and makes you feel. Something. Anything. Don’t be afraid to feel. Ever.


Because Life is a celebration.

You can grab her EP in 320 MP3 format for free for a few days.

Alternatively you can purchase it in glorious Wav format.

Generation Bass presents: Bellybelle “Cumulonimble EP”

Being on the frontline of musical developments isn’t easy. It puts you in the awkward position of having to label an artist. To brand him or her in a specific style, or reference other acts that sound similar. That’s all fine and dandy if it’s clear, but in the grey areas of genres, beyond the outlines of what’s already there, you are going to have to make up new names for stuff. So to keep it simple for all of you, we thought we’d just stick to the term ‘Bass Music’ for this EP. Of course that’s nowhere near the right description for music this varied, but hey, it’s a starting point!

This is the low-end heavy universe of Bellybelle, who moved from NYC to the capital city of weird, Portland, Oregon. Those are the two worlds that are coming together on this collection of tracks as well. Big city sounds and down to earth beats collide with lush melodies and swirling synths with an almost psychedelic edge. Sometimes the tracks are close to skweee, sometimes they are almost footwork, but the combination of that sturdy low-end and the fizzing high is consistent within all four tracks.

‘Smolder’ kicks off with some solid 909/808 sounds and a wonky bass line that alternates to a steady throbbing pulse. After about a minute and a half the doomy, floating string synths come in and give the entire track a dark, menacing feel.

‘The Nature of Impossibility’ is something completely different, coming in on a hip hop tempo with lighter air and it’s almost chip tunes-like synths, this is a track that feels a lot more positive. When even bird sounds and sparkly synths come in half way, you know Bellybelle is giving you some breathing room before the stuttering footwork like snares and claps come in.

The third cut ‘The Nostalchemist’s Stone’ also starts off sounding light and almost like on of our favourite skweee artists: Coco Bryce. Never a bad thing! ‘The Nostalchemist’s Stone’ is as close to a ‘real’ skweee song as we are going to get on this EP and Bellybelle uses all the trademark elements to full effect, topping it off with a layer of synth strings for good measure.

The closing track ‘With-Out’ takes us back to the rapid-fire sounds of footwork and traps though, with phased and flanged oriental elements in the melody as well. The snare and hi-hat double tempo blasts keep the flow of the song going though and the riddim keeps pushing your neck muscles to bounce on.

Bellybelle says she makes because ‘Life is a celebration’, and although this EP has some joyous moments, it’s also a dark affair with interchanging bass lines and complex drum programming. The tension between those two is what makes great music. It’s also what makes Bellybelle’s “Cumulonimble EP” sound more urgent, more interesting than other producers in the wide range of bass music anno 2013!






Release Date 26.11.13.
Description EP
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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