Dope free release here from upcoming label Dubco, make sure to check it out and grab it for free.

Really catchy “Sooty” and “Sweep” sounding dance track, has some humour but will also make that ass grind.  Awesome remixes by 3 sterling new talents to watch out for.

It’s hard to argue that there has been a bigger year for the growth of dance music in New England than 2013, with an impressive number of producers from the area breaking into the underground. Pop & Lock’s debut Fear EP looks to add his name to that list by teaming up with a star studded roster of local Boston beatsmiths in Choppa Dunks, Colin Domigan, and Mista Marcel.

With “Fear”, Pop & Lock crafted a wonky, percussion driven, midtempo trap/twerk/bounce/whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it monster that features intricate and tribal influenced drum line as the track’s backbone. The track drops into a baroque synth that is prominent throughout the rest of the record, though in progressively more snarling incarnations.

Tropical bass virtuoso Mista Marcel puts a fierce moombahton flip on “Fear” with a track that contains a boisterous amount of energy. For a track that’s only slightly higher in tempo than the original, Mista Marcel managed to build a tune that is feels exponentially faster paced. The multi-dimensional moombah tune deftly straddles the line between –ton and –core.

This same duality is present in the Choppa Dunks mix, which hops between double and halftime 150 bpm with a clear trapstyle flare. Alternating tight, punching kicks with droning 808s Choppa Dunks effectively utilizes his chameleonic track’s space and depth.

Colin Domigan boldly strays away from his usual sound to produce the most unrecognizable iteration of “Fear”. He successfully transform’s the “Fear” vocal sample into a low gritty synth, that he juxtaposes with that familiar Dutch house car alarm. Couple that with powerfully building percussion and you have an excellent four on the floor club banger.

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