For Volume 5 of the earth shattering Transnational Moombahton series, French producer Banana Split was eager to get in on the action and delivers this 1 and 1/2 hour  global extravaganza.

Here’s what he says:

With this mixtape I chose the Moombahton tracks that make me travel world wide. You can find influences from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, India, but also American and English house edits that make this mixtape different. I hope you will appreciate my tracks and discover some new tunes !

Shout out to Zee Reach, Rafael Aragon, Stas, DJ SuperStereo, Perk Pietrek and the kings Heartbreak, Cam Jus, Melo, Sabo, Obeyah, Sazon Booya, Boyfriend, Jamrock and thank you Deejay Umb. Thank you Generation Bass, Sleediz Records, and Babylon Records.

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01\ Happy Colors – Es Mejor Morir Luchando
02\ Peter Bucci & Samim – Hay Consuelo (Obeyah edit)
03\ Novalima – Diablo (Sabo’s Moombahton remix)
04\ Royal Flavour – Verano (Sabo edit)
05\ Sazon Booya – Lluvia
06\ Zee Reach & Bubbleheads – Barra Libre (Open Bar Anthem)
07\ Chardy & Timmy Trumpet – Melbournia (Neki Stranac Reclaims the Balkan mix) 08\ El Dusty aka DJ Dus – Ke Le Pasa (Mendez & Riot Earp Bootleg)
09\ Morrison – Madrugada
10\ Proxy – 8000 (Diplo remix)
11\ Munchi – Pun ain’t Dead
12\ Grupo Socavon – Homenaje a Justino (Uproot Andy remix)
13\ Zee Reach – Caramba
14\ Obeyah – African Flute
15\ Barbatuques – Baiana
16\ Banana Split – Moombanana feat Lydia D (Stas remix)
17\ Stanton Warriors – Cut me up (ETC! ETC! remix)
18\ Noizekid – La Cripta
19\ Banana Split – La Subienda
20\ Noizekid & Orlande – Tu Y Quien Mas
21\ Banana Split – Global Riddim
22\ Boyfriend – Vodka House
23\ Lexwolker – Skullcrusher
24\ Perk Pietrek & Rafael Aragon – Deccan
25\ DJ SuperStereo & Stas feat Pétrerfy Bori – Hajnal
26\ Misun – Hills & Trails (Kingman Fire remix)
27\ Max Berlin – Elle et moi (Joakim remis – Melo edit)
29\ Cam Jus – Ease the Pain
30\ Heartbreak – Arroz con Pollo
31\ Banana Split – La Niña Chaman


For Banana Split all has begun with a couple of House music vinyls.
He started mixing but quite soon he has realized that he is also interested in other styles of music.

Due to a journey to Peru he discovered his passion for hot and tropical sound like the Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa and Reggaeton. From then on, he started to produce some Moombathon sound and became quickly the first deejay playin’ Moombah in Strasbourg, France. He also organize the “Dirty Safari” Parties with Zee Reach to spread the Tropical waves all arond Europe and he’s the head of the Tropical Sessions Live Radio Show on RBS 91.9FM every last monday of the month.

He takes also part of the various projects of Eat Me Records and Electronic Player

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