Escape from Planet Tardia - Alien Pimp LP

Escape from Planet Tardia - Alien Pimp LP

New Full-Length LP by Alien Pimp, you may recall the awesome single from this posted HERE

Such a large compiling of songs (and LP’s in general) have been rare these days as the fast-moving state of the music industry is forcing mostly singles and EP’s. It’s refreshing to get such a large collection of styles/music in one compilation, again. The genres melt together into a Future Bass type of sound, fusing anything from Juke, Post Dubstep, Drum ‘n’ Bass to Techno and more. There’s something for everyone on here including witty satirical inserts regarding society, politics, etc. The LP has a cerebral quality that is lacking in a lot of electronic music these days, sadly. Take a listen. Enjoy. x-)

Official Press Release:


A message from the artist, also the head of operations at DubKraft:

This year i’ve decided to step up a notch and bring every fan and supporter something really unique and personalized, the most authentic thing you can hold!
I’m just gonna make with my own hands CUSTOM CD/DVD copies of my newest music album for everyone that wants one!
All at a lower price than the industrial equivalent product, the lowest price i can make without being a total sucker.
Yes, that’s right!

I have the tools, the skills and the ideas needed to build something of quality and neat looking, different and customised for each and every fan. CLICK HERE for a few photos of some releases and prototypes i made before, or i had some other major contribution to their creation.

I think this is the most direct and honest way to deal with the current state of affairs in industrialized art and in a media meant only to create marketable stereotypes. I want to tune in directly to my peers and deliver them something they will cherish, not something easily disposable.

Let’s rock this and have FUN!   
It’s al about having fun doing the right thing, at the end of the day.
Many thanks for supporting!”

Alien Pimp / DubKraft Records

Escape from Planet Tardia - Alien Pimp LP



~ Okulus Anomali

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