Dj Woo - Apavoramento

The amazing Dj Woo, from Apavoramento Sound System, released a damn so fucking good video+mixtape in internet. If you don’t know, Apavoramento Sound System, or just A.S.S. is a crew from Rio de Janeiro, releasing music from baile funk, breakbeat, terror and a lot of bass since 2000. They are one of creator of neo baile, but in that time isn’t this name, it was just baile funk as other music.

This video, is a perfect example of products of A.S.S., they use a language of video+sound to create a excepctional experience of listen music, check:

Or you can just listen the set in soundcloud link, but we reccomend you see the video too:

Dj Woo is the responsable from the best mixtape of all times of neo funk, check it (again):

You can see more of their work on facebook page, they have a unique party at Rio de Janeiro and last year, released 2 video clipes to Favela Trap album of Comrade.

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