Some weeks ago, I explained why transnational bass scenes can have such a hard time stayin in the game. This is par two of that explanation. I was thinking about this because there is a weird paradox going on in the music world that’s coming back over and over again. It’s popular to hate stuff that’s popular, and to glorify the romantic side of the underground. The ‘keep things pure from hype-kids’ and ‘not care shyt about money ‘n fame’ kinda underground. As soon as something becomes **YOLOMOLLYSWAG**.. it ceases to be fashionable..

But we must be honest: cumbia is a very mainstream genre in many parts of the world. We’ve seen Mexico a couple of times already, and in my cumbiaton edition I’ve posted some tracks from Nene Malo, who makes exactly the kindof music that this SSC edition will be about: Cumbia as ‘mainstream urban-pop’.

I dare to bet nu-cumbia keeps thriving not so much because it’s so underground and not only because the Colombian classics are so timeless (they really are though..) but really because it’s such a big part of mainstream youth culture. To see for yourself you how big it actually is, not only in Mexico but also in Argentina and Chile, you only have to check out the cumbia channel CumbiaDeHoy, entirely devoted to the Argentinean/Chilean cumbia scene. New tracks appear almost every day, almost as much as I blog every week from producers from all over the world. Artists like Nene Malo and Tu Papá are urban rockstars who’se live concerts have basically the same swag as reggaeton shows.

These two new music video releases were from last week only.

De La Calle – Me Extrañaras

El Reja ft. El Gucci – Rompe La Barra

On soundcloud, many of this style tracks (which hold the middle between cumbia villera, reggaeton and electronic pop) can be found as free downloads. I’ve found some nice stuff for your sets and playlists, check it out!

The first two are from the Argentinean DJ Speaker. The first one is a collaboration with Facu Galioli, with DJ Speaker as the producer..

The second one is a delicious cumbification of Martin Garrix’ EDM banger ‘Animals’. (For purists: the cumbia starts about halfway the track..)

The other new track I found is from El Julii DJ: A mellow cumbia remix of Big Yamo’s reggaeton ballad ‘Entra la Playa, Ella y Yo’. And in the cold European December-weather, I cannot listen to this with the faint idea in the back of my head that in Argentina, it’s summer now and that this track will probably be played on a beach..

Then let’s move on quickly to the more underground nu-cumbia tracks of this week.

The Mexican producer Mr Jags has just released this excellent EZPECTRO-EP, with five deep/dark/techno-inspired galactic bass tunes in which the line between genres no longer exists. Cumbia, moombahton, trap, house, 3ball.. it all flows together in a number of dreamy, transnational grooves! Best thing is, it’s a free DL so grab it now, for your set or for a nice Sunday-afternoon listen!

Tropicalista Michael Bruce is also back with a delicious, laidback cumbia-dembow-bass fusion!

We’ve seen Sonido Mamalón a lot over the last weeks. Here he is again with two great new tunes. One is a remix from Signsonbia, the other the original ‘Cumbia del Individuo’, but both equally mesmerising.. Close your eyes and transcend!

Polymiller‘s new tune is also chill, but more in a down-to-earth way, with a nice hiphop-ish vocal.

I also realised that this tune has escaped my radar a month ago already. I love this combination of a spacey groove with mysterious synths that sometimes seem to go into the direction of dark-electro!

A lot darker but also much more energetic is my favourite tune of this week: Tu Guaina new banger ‘constelacion’. It starts almost as ‘dark twerk (that would be a GREAT genre tho..)’ .. followed by a cumbia shaker and a hint of dembow!

Great moment to start building up to more euphoric vibe. I’ve come across a number of nice tracks for that purpose too.

One of my soundcloud followers, with the same taste in music as me, also likes reposting tunes. Thanks to her, I got to know about DJ Vinnyboy. It’s not his newest release but this emotional, melodic cumbia tune with 3ballistic percussion was an absolute must-blog!

Then time for some more dance-energy, with this edit from the Venezuelan Dj AKILIN.. weeepaa !!

3ball producer Twister Beats adds a powerful kick and some sharp synths to this cumbia experiment. Unfortunately this one is a quick mic-record, but I am looking forward to blogging more cumbia from his hand!


And guess who’s back..?  Erick Jaimez! With the ultimate happiness-cannon: an uptempo house edit of La Colegiala.. !!


More than time to hurry now.. club doors are open !!

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