We’ve known for a while on this blog that Jaloo is gonna be a big star one day and it seems like it’s been happening for him this year in his native Brazil. He is totally unqiue and we expect world wide domination will follow soon.

This is the sweetest of Tecnobrega pop, a great track with a tremendous feel-good factor and a brilliant video to boot.

Download on the you tube link.

Here’s what Jaloo says:

“I suffered, I cried, I fought, I’m tired …”

But I had a good year, it was pretty difficult, laborious, but delicious to enjoy, I threw the covers album that was working slowly, with that, the transition from the “Jaloo DJ” Jaloo pro artist.

Dude, my borders with Brazil only decreased, huge festivals, stages, Giants, achievements of dreams every second … A home in the best style, playing in my town and being so well received … pretty experiments, crossing for the first time for the northern hemisphere (ground zero, Macapá) to my visit to Rio de Janeiro and the beautiful meeting with Caetano Veloso ♥:)

Now, to wrap up this part, and provide continuity to everything that has been planning, so, almost by accident, (accidents beautiful ♥) decided to make a tribute to the most acclaimed format in tecnobrega: so-called versions.

Had an artist who caught my attention this year, mainly because she threw it all up and decided to change …

So, my music is a version of his story, he talks about getting fired, but it’s more about closing a door to open many others, so this year it was a little bit of everything. “I cried, I suffered, I fought, I’m tired … but go ahead …

I hope you like it, had much love involved in this project.


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